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Tag: NWA

Episode 241: Finding Success in Horseback Riding and Business: Insights from Christy Zweig Niehues

Today, we chat with Christy Zweig Niehues of Always August Farm, shedding light on the merger of passion and business in the horse industry. Christy delves into her entrepreneurial odyssey, the pandemic’s dual-edged sword on the horse sector, and the imperative of business education. With a heart for community, she’s zealous about guiding peers in their ventures.

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Episode: Safe Water for All: Dave LeVan and Lifewater’s Fight Against the Global Water Crisis

Dave LeVan’s remarkable journey, from his role as a Walmart executive to becoming the CEO of Lifewater, is a testament to his unwavering commitment to global impact and purpose. Infused with corporate expertise, a global perspective, and a profound sense of altruism, Dave discovered his true calling in transforming communities worldwide. His connection with Lifewater began through his church’s Serve the World initiative, leading him to places like Northern Nigeria and Ukraine, where he was captivated by Lifewater’s dedication to sustainable solutions for the global water crisis. Dave’s decision to join their board and his subsequent move to Northwest Arkansas coincided with a serendipitous opportunity to lead Lifewater as CEO. Join us to explore Dave’s inspiring journey and his impactful work, where compassion and strategic planning converge to tackle one of the world’s most urgent challenges.

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Episode 238: Turning Waste Into Wealth: How Ricky Ludeman is Pioneering Community Sustainability with Ozark Compost and Swap

In a recent episode of the I Am Northwest Arkansas podcast, Ricky Ludeman, the visionary founder of Ozark Compost and Swap, shared his inspiring journey from an eco-conscious stint in Northern California to becoming a fearless entrepreneur in Northwest Arkansas, determined to turn food waste into enriching compost.

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Episode 236: Fueling the Soccer Movement: USL Arkansas’s Strategy to Establish a Premier Soccer Franchise in Northwest Arkansas – Chris Martinovic, Wes Harris

In the latest episode of the “I am Northwest Arkansas” podcast, host Randy Wilburn chats with Chris Martinovic and Wes Harris about the transformative vision of USL Arkansas. This upcoming soccer franchise aims to redefine the sport in the region and serve as a launchpad for rising talent. Beyond soccer, the episode explores the franchise’s broader impact on economic growth and community development in Northwest Arkansas. Don’t miss this insightful discussion on how USL Arkansas plans to spark a new wave of regional excitement.

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