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Episode 243: Affordable Education for All: NWACC’s Commitment to Empowering Students with President Dennis Rittle

“Join us on the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast for a captivating conversation with NWACC President Dennis Rittle. Delve into NWACC’s dedication to accessible, affordable education, and explore how they’re tackling the challenge of rising educational costs. Discover their strategies, like providing Pell grants, to support students financially and the pursuit of debt-free graduation. Tune in for insights into NWACC’s role as a valuable starting point in higher education, offering diverse courses and paths.”

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Episode 242: Building a Bright Future: How the ULI Young Leaders Group in Northwest Arkansas is Shaping the Real Estate Industry with Kaitlyn Fondano

About the Show: “Each successive generation that comes out will do even greater things than the generation before it.”  – Kaitlyn Fondano In the latest…

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Bonus Episode: Unlock the Power of Shop Small Y’all: Supporting Local Businesses in Northwest Arkansas – Tori Bogner and Jennifer EstyBonus Episode:

Tori Bogner, Senior VP of Marketing at Signature Bank, and Jennifer Esty, owner of the Scout Guide, discuss the “Shop Small Y’all” program—a collaboration between Signature Bank and the Scout Guide that supports local businesses. They emphasize the importance of backing local enterprises for community growth. The program offers gift cards with exclusive discounts, benefiting both shoppers and businesses. Success stories underscore its impact, emphasizing the ongoing need to support small businesses in Northwest Arkansas. Tori and Jennifer encourage active involvement in Shop Small Y’all as a way to invest in the community’s vibrancy.

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Episode 241: Finding Success in Horseback Riding and Business: Insights from Christy Zweig Niehues

Today, we chat with Christy Zweig Niehues of Always August Farm, shedding light on the merger of passion and business in the horse industry. Christy delves into her entrepreneurial odyssey, the pandemic’s dual-edged sword on the horse sector, and the imperative of business education. With a heart for community, she’s zealous about guiding peers in their ventures.

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