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Episode 242: Building a Bright Future: How the ULI Young Leaders Group in Northwest Arkansas is Shaping the Real Estate Industry with Kaitlyn Fondano

About the Show:

“Each successive generation that comes out will do even greater things than the generation before it.”

 – Kaitlyn Fondano

In the latest episode of the “I Am Northwest Arkansas” podcast, host Randy Wilburn talks to Kaitlyn Fondano, Director of the Young Leaders Group (YLG) at the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Northwest Arkansas. Kaitlyn shares her journey to Northwest Arkansas and her passion for fostering vibrant, sustainable communities through the YLG.

The YLG is a melting pot of young professionals from diverse fields—architects, engineers, marketers, and even students. They exchange ideas and foster leadership in land planning and community development. Through engaging programs like curated conversations and PechaKucha presentations, the group encourages collaboration and innovation.

Feeling stuck in your real estate career? Tired of traditional networking methods that don’t deliver? Kaitlyn and the YLG may have the solution. They’re not just talking about change; they’re making it happen, shaping the future of Northwest Arkansas one collaboration at a time.

If you’re seeking effective networking and career advancement, this episode points you to an avenue that’s making a real impact: the Young Leaders Group. Tune in to learn how you can get involved and contribute to the vibrant future of the region.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Discover the benefits of joining the Young Leaders Group in Northwest Arkansas and how it can advance your career in real estate.
  • Learn about the networking opportunities available through ULI Northwest Arkansas membership and how they can help you forge valuable connections in the industry.
  • Explore the importance of strategic planning for affordable housing and how it can positively impact communities in Northwest Arkansas.
  • Gain insights on engaging young professionals in real estate development and how to create a more inclusive and dynamic industry.
  • Uncover the latest trends and innovations in the real estate industry, and how they can inform your professional development as a young professional in Northwest Arkansas.

All this and more on this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast.  

Important Links and Mentions on the Show*

Email Kaitlyn Fondano

Urban Land Institute of Northwest Arkansas ULINWA

Young Leaders Group of ULI of NWA

Urban Land Institute of Northwest Arkansas ULINWA on Instagram

Urban Land Institute of Northwest Arkansas ULINWA on Facebook

Urban Land Institute of Northwest Arkansas ULINWA on LinkedIn

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