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Tag: NWA

Episode 262: Capturing Essence: BLK ELK Media’s Visual Storytelling in NWA

In this episode of ‘I Am Northwest Arkansas,’ host Randy Wilburn delves into the extraordinary story of Daniel Mitchell and Trent Sugg, co-founders of BLK ELK Media. Their ascent from local enthusiasts to globally recognized documentary filmmakers is a testament to their dedication to storytelling and the natural beauty of Arkansas. Discover how they’ve forged a path to success, bringing the adventures and allure of the great outdoors to audiences everywhere.

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Bonus Episode: Fashion with Purpose: Support Inclusivity and Education at NWA Fashion Week

In this episode of I am Northwest Arkansas podcast, our host Randy Wilburn spotlights the upcoming Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week. Joining him is the dynamic Rochelle Bailey, Marketing Communications Manager at INTERFORM, who shares the exciting details of the event and the significant impact it has on our local community.

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Episode 253: Laugh and Learn with the Frisco Kid: Uncover the Power of Comedy in Northwest Arkansas – Tune In Now!

About the Show: “I have a talent for finding common ground with people. I figure out what they like and dig into it, connecting on…

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Bonus Episode: How to Foster Belonging in Northwest Arkansas: Insights from Margot Lemaster, Monica Kumar, and the Northwest Arkansas CouncilBonus Episode:

Margot Lemaster and Monica Kumar delves into the Welcoming Week NWA initiative. Margot, integral to Engage NWA since 2017, discusses her role in promoting inclusivity and community growth. Monica shares her transformation from grappling with racial challenges to advocating for racial equity. They explore the power of diversity, personal connections, and community engagement in fostering a welcoming Northwest Arkansas. The episode is a call to action, inviting listeners to join these efforts through Engage NWA and the NWA Council.

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