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Episode 277: Food Influencer Samantha Gregory Shares Her Passion for Exploring and Promoting the Culinary Scene in Northwest Arkansas

In this engaging episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas, host Randy Wilburn sits down with Samantha Gregory, the food enthusiast behind *Munchin with Mantha*. Samantha shares her journey from a college student at the University of Arkansas to becoming a prominent food influencer in Northwest Arkansas. The conversation explores the diverse food landscape of the Ozarks, with Samantha offering valuable insights into the region’s culinary delights. Randy and Samantha discuss her approach to content creation, focusing on her passion for sharing authentic dining experiences without critiquing, providing listeners with a genuine taste of Northwest Arkansas’ gastronomic offerings.

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Episode 274: Emma Willis Discusses Preserving Black History in Northwest Arkansas

Emma Willis, founder of Impact Period and representative for NWA Black Heritage, is dedicated to preserving African American history in Northwest Arkansas. She is leading efforts to establish the first Black Fayetteville Historic District. In the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast, Emma discusses her journey, community engagement, and the importance of recognizing African American contributions in the region.

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Episode 270: NWA Transplant: CEO of Smart Eye Technology Discusses Relocating to Northwest Arkansas and the Importance of the Local Business Ecosystem

Randy Wilburn talks with Dexter Caffey about his move from Atlanta to Northwest Arkansas. Dexter shares his experience with the startup accelerator program by Startup Junkie and how it led to the success of Smart Eye Technology. He discusses his mission to prevent data breaches with facial recognition software and the supportive startup ecosystem in Northwest Arkansas.

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