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Episode 236: Fueling the Soccer Movement: USL Arkansas’s Strategy to Establish a Premier Soccer Franchise in Northwest Arkansas – Chris Martinovic, Wes Harris

In the latest episode of the “I am Northwest Arkansas” podcast, host Randy Wilburn chats with Chris Martinovic and Wes Harris about the transformative vision of USL Arkansas. This upcoming soccer franchise aims to redefine the sport in the region and serve as a launchpad for rising talent. Beyond soccer, the episode explores the franchise’s broader impact on economic growth and community development in Northwest Arkansas. Don’t miss this insightful discussion on how USL Arkansas plans to spark a new wave of regional excitement.

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Episode 235: Charging Ahead: Driving the Growth of Electric Vehicles in Northwest Arkansas with the NWA Council

In this episode of the I Am Northwest Arkansas podcast, the team discusses the growing electric vehicle (EV) movement in the region, emphasizing the importance of charging infrastructure and collaboration among stakeholders. They also touch on decreasing EV costs, hybrid vehicles, and renewable energy sources for charging.

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Episode 234: Building a Thriving Healthcare Ecosystem: Collaborative Efforts in Northwest Arkansas with Ryan Cork and Walter Harris

About the Show: “Just be patient. It’s coming. We are building that field of dreams that we’ve been talking about when it comes to healthcare,…

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Episode 233: Spreading Love, One Meal at a Time: The Powerful Mission of For the Love Food Truck

“In today’s episode, we talk to Melinda Williams, a remarkable woman who shifted from being a physical therapist to a stay-at-home mom navigating her way through an identity transition. This is a story about faith, friendship, and the compelling need to make a meaningful impact in the community—even when you’re not a trained chef. While pounding the pavement during a routine run with her friends Jennifer Christophero and Meredith Chappie, Melinda had an epiphany. As the trio tackled uphill challenges and conversed about the sweeping changes brought on by the pandemic, a radical idea surfaced: a food truck offering free meals to bring people together and break down societal walls.”

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