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Episode 85: Kurt Berman and The Ropeswing Hospitality Group are Keeping Northwest Arkansas Fed, Happy, and Safe

About the Show:


We sit down with Ropeswing Hospitality Group CEO Kurt Berman to learn how the Restaurant Group has managed to maintain their wits during this pandemic.

According to Kurt, it’s all about managing expectations and figuring out ways to remain relevant in a difficult time.

With so many great restaurants in their group – Pressroom, The Preacher’s Son, Undercroft, RECORD, The Holler, LOUISE, and BlakeSt., they have figured out different ways to keep their restaurants open and patrons coming in. In addition, they have learned to fine-tune the Takeout + Delivery model during a time when so many are still not comfortable going out to eat.

All of this and more on this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast…

additional show notes and transcript coming soon  

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Ropeswing Hospitality Group

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