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Tag: Ropeswing Hospitality

Episode 85: Kurt Berman and The Ropeswing Hospitality Group are Keeping Northwest Arkansas Fed, Happy, and Safe

With so many great restaurants in their group – Pressroom, The Preacher’s Son, Undercroft, RECORD, The Holler, LOUISE, and BlakeSt., they have figured out different ways to keep their restaurants open and patrons coming in.

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Episode 84: Helping Service Workers Stay Employed and “Get Shift Done,” in NWA

Get Shift Done was born out of the necessity to keep service workers in the DFW Metroplex employed and working to help local Food Banks and Restaurants feed the food insecure. It has now morphed into 11 cities including Northwest Arkansas. Here all about it on today’s episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas Podcast.

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