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Episode 86: Dr. Joe Daniels is Building Community Through Love in Northwest Arkansas and Beyond

About the Show:

We sat down with Build Community Through Love founder Dr. Joseph Daniels to learn about his new podcast and the organization that shares the same name. Dr. Daniels is on a quest to create an authentic community with anyone that will listen.  

He is a Civil Engineer by trade and a Preacher’s son by birth. 

Dr. Daniels has proven that he is good at multitasking as he practices engineering by day and works to make a difference in his local community here in Northwest Arkansas and beyond at night and on the weekends.   

Even the pandemic has not slowed him down. Dr. Daniels recently started a podcast to share his stories and experiences and those of other people around the country trying to make a difference where they live.  

The primary focus of Build Community Through Love is Economic Development, Community Development, and Education. While Dr. Daniels gives equal time to everyone in the community, his focus has been on creating systems that foster equitable opportunities and access to each community member, especially those systemically, racially, and economically disenfranchised.  

Hear all of this and also learn how Dr. Daniels and I initially met during his quest to sit down with 100 people for coffee. Of course, not at the same time, but over a few months.  It is such a unique story and one that will encourage those of us that are trying to get out of our shells and meet new people. 

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