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I am Northwest Arkansas Posts

Episode 38: For Rachel Fox and NWA Girl Gang Timing is Everything

One of the things that I enjoy about doing the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast is all of the really cool people that I get to meet here in NWA and beyond. 

In this episode, we sit down with NWA Girl Gang founder Rachel Fox to discuss her time here in Northwest Arkansas and why a little serendipity never hurts when it comes to building relationships and being intentional about getting out, meeting new people and making friends. 

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Episode 37: SoNA Conductor Paul Haas is leading 65 years of Symphonic Excellence in the Ozarks

I must confess that I love classical music. Especially the Symphony. I grew up on Tchaikovsky, Handels Messiah, and Pachabel Canon.  I also love the Opera but we’ll get to that later. I learned very early on in my time here in NWA that we have our own Symphony and that it’s not just a program that has sporadic events but one that has been in existence for 65 years and counting. 

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Episode 36: The Genius behind Onyx Coffee Labs and why you should drink their coffee

It took a while to finally get connected with the folks at Onyx Coffee Labs. But, as they say, persistence does pay off. I finally connected with Andrea and Jon Allen the founders of Onyx Coffee. Jon was kind enough to sit down with me and share his story of going from a local musician and barista at Arsagas to the Founder of one of the top Coffee Roasters in this country.

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Episode 35: A Howling Good Time with Jonna Summers from Banshee Manor

Northwest Arkansas has its fair share of Haunted Attractions and we sat down with the Queen of the Haunt, Jonna Summers, of Banshee Manor and NWA Haunt Tours. If you are new to the area and wondered if they have scary Halloween attractions look no further. Jonna not only knows all of the top attractions around NWA but Banshee Manor was also listed as one of the Top Ten Haunted sites in ALL of the Natural State.

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