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Women’s Health: April Roy’s Journey to Take the ‘Oops’ Out of Unexpected Periods with femPAQ here in Northwest Arkansas and beyond

Take the “Oops!” Out of Unexpected Periods with femPAQ, and Let Women Everywhere Feel Empowered and Comfortable in Every Space. A conversation with Founder April Roy.

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Expedition Ozark: Danny Collins and the World of Adventure Racing here in Northwest Arkansas

Follow Danny Collins as he leads an international roster of adventure racers through the breathtaking Ozarks to compete in the Adventure Race World Series and discover the hidden beauty of his backyard.

Danny Collins is the founder of 37 North Expeditions, specializing in curating exceptional outdoor experiences. He has been adventure racing for 15 years and is the director of the upcoming Expedition Ozark, an adventure race circuit of the Adventure Race World Series.

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Uniting to Advance Women: Lela Davidson & Kimberly McGee of NextUp Northwest Arkansas

Be part of the band and join Next Up to advance women in business and the workplace through the power of community.

Here’s what I cover with Lela davidson, Kimberly McGee in this episode:
1. How can men become allies for the advancement of women’s issues?
2. How can companies create a more inclusive environment for female employees?
3. What opportunities are available for female entrepreneurs through the Next Up organization?

Lela Davidson is a 19-year Northwest Arkansas resident and co-chair of Next Up, an organization dedicated to advancing women, growing businesses and transforming the workplace through the power of community. Kimberly McGee has been in Northwest Arkansas for 20 years and is a co-chair of Next Up, where she leads the team that launched the Mentor Circles program.

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The Land of Opportunity: Taryn Mead & Matthew A. Myers on Northwest Arkansas’ Outdoor Entrepreneurial Culture

About the Show: Taryn Mead is an assistant teaching professor for the Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Venture Innovation (SEVI) Program at the University of Arkansas. Matthew A.…

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