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I am Northwest Arkansas Posts

Discovering the Hidden Gem of Northwest Arkansas: Botanical Garden of the Ozarks

In this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast, host Randy explores the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Joined by Lane Berrey, the former Communications Manager, they discuss the garden’s history, mission, and diverse offerings. Lane highlights themed gardens, educational programs, and events that attract thousands of visitors. Whether you’re a gardening novice or a green thumb, this episode offers valuable insights into the garden’s community engagement and environmental stewardship.

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Episode 277: Food Influencer Samantha Gregory Shares Her Passion for Exploring and Promoting the Culinary Scene in Northwest Arkansas

In this engaging episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas, host Randy Wilburn sits down with Samantha Gregory, the food enthusiast behind *Munchin with Mantha*. Samantha shares her journey from a college student at the University of Arkansas to becoming a prominent food influencer in Northwest Arkansas. The conversation explores the diverse food landscape of the Ozarks, with Samantha offering valuable insights into the region’s culinary delights. Randy and Samantha discuss her approach to content creation, focusing on her passion for sharing authentic dining experiences without critiquing, providing listeners with a genuine taste of Northwest Arkansas’ gastronomic offerings.

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Bonus Episode: Crafting Second Chances: Brewing Faith and Business with Michael Peerson

In this heartfelt episode of I am Northwest Arkansas, host Randy Wilburn sits down with Michael Peerson, the founder of Rendezvous Junction Brewing Company and a former Walmart executive. Michael shares his inspiring journey from a successful career at Walmart to launching a thriving craft brewery. He also delves into his near-death experiences and the profound spiritual revelations that inspired his book “Beyond Belief.” Michael’s story covers his early life in Holdenville, Oklahoma, his significant career at Walmart, and how his exposure to craft beer in the Pacific Northwest led to the creation of his brewery. He provides insights into the brewery’s operations, unique brewing methods, and community approach. Michael also shares the transformative impact of his near-death experience following a UTV accident, which led to a divine encounter and a newfound purpose in life.

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Episode 276: Transforming Lives: Single Parent Scholarship Fund’s 40-Year Journey in Northwest Arkansas

In this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast, host Randy Wilburn interviews Tyler Clark, President and CEO of the Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Northwest Arkansas, and Stephanie Djimbi, a scholarship recipient. Tyler discusses the organization’s growth over its 40-year history, offering services like financial aid, counseling, and career guidance, leading to a 243% income increase for recipients within six months of graduation. Stephanie shares her journey from Africa to the U.S., and how the scholarship program supports her pursuit of a nursing degree, aiming for a better future for herself and her son. The episode underscores the Fund’s focus on generational change and community support.

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