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I am Northwest Arkansas Posts

Episode 270: NWA Transplant: CEO of Smart Eye Technology Discusses Relocating to Northwest Arkansas and the Importance of the Local Business Ecosystem

Randy Wilburn talks with Dexter Caffey about his move from Atlanta to Northwest Arkansas. Dexter shares his experience with the startup accelerator program by Startup Junkie and how it led to the success of Smart Eye Technology. He discusses his mission to prevent data breaches with facial recognition software and the supportive startup ecosystem in Northwest Arkansas.

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Bonus Episode: Crafting the Future: Bruce Katz on Urban Innovation and Northwest Arkansas’s Potential

About the Show: “Cities are the vanguard of problem-solving in the modern world.” About the Guest: Bruce Katz, a renowned urban policy expert and the…

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Episode 268: St. James Food Pantry Director Discusses Serving the Community in Northwest Arkansas

Monique Jones, Pastor and Director of Outreach and Community Engagement at the St. James Food Pantry, embodies the essence of community service in Northwest Arkansas. Host Randy Wilburn’s conversation with her on I am Northwest Arkansas celebrates her journey from HR to servant leadership, highlighting innovative approaches to tackle food insecurity. Through collaboration and resilience, Monique’s work exemplifies the transformative impact of community engagement in the Ozarks.

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Episode 267: James Hawkins Discusses Mental Health and the Importance of Seeking Support

In this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas Podcast, host Randy Wilburn dives deep with James Hawkins, a seasoned therapist and clinical coordinator at the Joshua Center. James, an Air Force veteran with extensive experience in psychology, explores the dynamic blend of business, culture, and life in the Ozarks. The conversation highlights James’s unique journey from the South to finding community in Northwest Arkansas. They tackle crucial topics such as the nuances of African American identity in predominantly white spaces and advocate for the indispensable value of in-person therapy. Throughout, James shares insights from his work and his podcast, “The Leading Edge in Emotionally Focused Therapy,” emphasizing the profound impact of face-to-face therapeutic relationships.

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