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Episode 52: Kenny Kinley and Edafio are showing their clients the Path to IT Sanity


About the Show:

We recently had a chance to sit down with Kenny Kinley, President, and CEO of Edafio Technology Partners.  Edafio, a Greek word meaning ‘passage” or “pathway,” was founded in 2001.

Edafio is a full-service IT Solution company that has a strong presence in Central Arkansas but moved up to Northwest Arkansas a few years back to take advantage of the growth in healthcare clients, their specialty,  and the growing workforce in this area.

Kenny has been in the IT sector for a quarter-century and now that he’s assumed the CEO role of Edafio he is looking to expand and grow and wants to use the fertile business landscape of Northwest Arkansas to do so.  

Listen to this podcast and read the transcript to learn more about Kenny and his plans for Edafio moving forward. 

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 All of this and more on this episode of I am Northwest Arkansas.   

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