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I am Northwest Arkansas Posts

Episode 43: Giving Thanks In The Ozarks

In this episode, we sit down to reflect over the first seven months of the podcast.  There is so much to be thankful for every day but Thanksgiving week is as good a time as any to tell people how much you care and appreciate them. 

I go down the list of all 42 episodes and share some highlights from each of them and the people behind them. I hope you like this episode. 

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Episode 42: BBQ Is The Only 2ndHand Smoke That Nate Walls Is Blowing

In this episode, we sit down with Nate Walls founder of 2nd Hand Smoke BBQ NWA in Fayetteville. Nate has been cooking over an Open Fire and Smoke Pit for years. He learned his craft watching his mother prepare comfort food in her Juke Joint in St. Louis. 

Nate has combined his love of food and seeing people happy after eating a great meal with his prowess on the BBQ grill.

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Episode 41: Martha Londagin and Startup Junkie help 800 Entrepreneurs a year and counting

In this episode, we sit down with Martha Londagin, Executive Consultant, with Startup Junkie in Fayetteville.  Martha has a very interesting story to share about Northwest Arkansas and how her family has been around these parts for more than 160 years. 
Martha has brought her brand of consulting and good advice to an organization that has made a difference for thousands of local entrepreneurs and small businesses over the last 10+ years.

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Episode 40: 65 years of Symphonic Excellence, an insiders look at SoNA – Part Two

In this episode, we sit down with Matthew Herren, Executive Director and Julianne Brown, Chairman of the BOD with SoNA. This is the second of two interviews that we did with SoNA. In episode 37 of I am Northwest Arkansas, we sat down with SoNA Conductor Paul Haas who walked us through the artistic process of putting on a Season of the symphony.

Matthew and Julianne provided some great insight into how the Symphony started and what they have to do behind the scenes to make each season go. 

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