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Episode 206: The Genesis of Neil Greenhaw’s Haxton Road Studios: From Small Town Arkansas to Worldwide Collaborator

About the Show:

Newly married Neil Greenhaw embarks on an inspiring journey from small-town Arkansas to the global stage, only to return home to find his true calling in cultivating a vibrant music and entrepreneurial culture in Northwest Arkansas with collaboration, passion, and purpose.

“Always be in the room with people that are better than you because it’ll make you better.” – Neil Greenhaw.

Neil Greenhaw is the principal owner of HAXTON Road Studios and a former touring musician. He has experienced the world through music and now brings his spirit of collaboration and expertise to his recording studio and real estate business in Northwest Arkansas.

Neil Greenhaw grew up in Harrison, Arkansas, until he graduated college and his life took off. His wife got accepted into college in Nashville, and he got an audition to play for a band that traveled worldwide, opening his eyes to new cultures and inspiring him. 

After moving back to Arkansas, Neil and his wife decided to start a family and looked for a way to make their dreams a reality. They built a studio in their house and started recording, eventually outgrowing the space and building a full-blown commercial facility. 

The spirit of collaboration in Nashville taught Neil how to work with others, and the facility became a place for artists to come, be inspired, and make their art. He believes Bentonville and Northwest Arkansas need more venues to bring in top musical talent for recording purposes.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. How did Neil Greenhaw’s small-town upbringing change his perspective on life?

2. How did the spirit of collaboration contribute to the success of Neil’s Nashville studio?

3. What challenges and opportunities exist for artists in the Northwest Arkansas music scene? 

All this and more on this episode of I am Northwest Arkansas.

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