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Episode 205: Chris Thompson found Northwest Arkansas Fertile ground to develop his App Sober Sidekick

About the Show:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

When Chris Thompson hit rock bottom on Thanksgiving Day 2018, he realized that alcohol was his only solution and that his best thinking had gotten him there. Faced with overcoming his ego, Chris took a leap of faith and launched a sobriety support app to help others, transforming his suffering and shame into purpose.

“Recovery isn’t about overcoming alcohol or drugs; it’s overcoming ego. Alcohol and drugs are just the fuel that makes you so attached to your ego and so much in self-preservation mode. Fear driven. And fear only comes from the ego. It’s about protecting a conception of yourself that isn’t even real.” 

Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson is the founder of Sober Sidekick, an app that helps people in recovery stay connected and overcome isolation. He is a former college athlete and entrepreneur who has been in recovery for four years.

Chris Thompson was an ambitious college athlete who had just started his first business and felt invincible. However, when a difficult situation arose, alcohol became his only solution for all his problems. On Thanksgiving Day, he woke up on the sidewalk for the fourth consecutive day, feeling hopeless and isolated. He realized his best thinking had gotten him there, and he decided that today would be his day one. He called a hotline, sought treatment, and eventually found his way to a sober living facility. With his friends’ help, he could commit to recovery and put his goal of sobriety first. He channeled his ambition into creating The Sober Sidekick app, which allowed people in recovery to connect and support each other and saw their suffering and shame be transformed into purpose.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. Everyone has an opportunity to be in recovery from anything – not just drugs or alcohol.

2. What if today was the day that you made that change?

3. How can an algorithm be created so that no one ever goes without support?

4. Why Chris moved to Northwest Arkansas and what this area has meant to him. 

All this and more on this episode of I am Northwest Arkansas.

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