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Episode 207: Confessions of an Entrepreneur in Northwest Arkansas with the University of Arkansas Professor Mark Zweig

About the Show:

Are you an entrepreneur looking to start, build, and run a business? Are you sick of hearing generic advice and tips that don’t work? If your answer is yes, then this podcast episode is for you! 

Mark Zweig, Founder of Inc 500/5000 companies and a business savant is here to share his knowledge and experience discussing his book, Confessions of an Entrepreneur: Simple Wisdom for Starting, Building, and Running a Business. 

Bob Lutz, a former vice chairman of General Motors, says it best: “I highly recommend this book to anyone thinking of creating their own business. Mark Zweig has a well-deserved record of success as an entrepreneur, and he shares his vast knowledge and experience. It’s filled with practical how-to advice, and he never fails to emphasize the key traits common to success: a positive belief in the idea and a willingness to take the necessary risks.” 

Mark Zweig will help you to understand the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and guide you to find the success you have been searching for.

Mark Zweig is a Founder of 3-time Inc 500 companies, a University of Arkansas Walton School of Business Professor, and a friend to many. He is the former owner of Zweig White and Associates, which then became Zweig Group. His expertise and business knowledge have made a lasting impression on students and entrepreneurs in Northwest Arkansas and beyond. 

His latest book, Confessions of an Entrepreneur: Simple Wisdom for Starting, Building, and Running a Business, is filled with practical advice and emphasizes the key traits common to success. Tune into this I am Northwest Arkansas episode to learn more about Mark Zweig and his book.

Mark outlined six steps you need to follow to find success in business.:

1.    Have a positive belief in your business idea and be willing to take the necessary risks.

2.  Reach out to mentors and people with experience in the field.

3.   Utilize resources available to you, such as universities and other educational institutions.

4.  Take advantage of networking opportunities.

5.   Assemble a team of experts to help you along the way.

6.   Have a plan and stick to it.    

All this and more on this episode of I am Northwest Arkansas.

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