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Tag: Bentonville

Episode 257: Discover Anela Malik’s Transformation: From Diplomacy to Digital Influence – Listen and Learn Her Secrets!

Anela Malik, once a U.S. diplomat now a digital storyteller, unveils her transition journey, sharing her unique worldview via Feed the Malik. From the icy embrace of Antarctica to cultural odysseys, Anela’s tale is a testament to life’s adventures and genuine connections.

Their conversation spans the globe, from Jordan’s clandestine art hubs to the tight-knit Northwest Arkansas community, spotlighting its vibrant spirit and boundless opportunities. With a love for food, travel, and authentic narratives, Anela’s voice resonates as a guide for those seeking joy and community beyond convention.

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Episode 233: Spreading Love, One Meal at a Time: The Powerful Mission of For the Love Food Truck

“In today’s episode, we talk to Melinda Williams, a remarkable woman who shifted from being a physical therapist to a stay-at-home mom navigating her way through an identity transition. This is a story about faith, friendship, and the compelling need to make a meaningful impact in the community—even when you’re not a trained chef. While pounding the pavement during a routine run with her friends Jennifer Christophero and Meredith Chappie, Melinda had an epiphany. As the trio tackled uphill challenges and conversed about the sweeping changes brought on by the pandemic, a radical idea surfaced: a food truck offering free meals to bring people together and break down societal walls.”

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Episode 232: Relationships are the Foundation: Stuart Collier’s Key to Success in the Real Estate Industry

Stuart Collier: From real estate dreams to nursing home success, addiction’s abyss, and a triumphant return. His journey embodies perseverance, gratitude, and valuing people.


Episode 212: Women’s Health: April Roy’s Journey to Take the ‘Oops’ Out of Unexpected Periods with femPAQ here in Northwest Arkansas and beyond

Take the “Oops!” Out of Unexpected Periods with femPAQ, and Let Women Everywhere Feel Empowered and Comfortable in Every Space. A conversation with Founder April Roy.

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