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Tag: NWA Foodie

Episode 84: Helping Service Workers Stay Employed and “Get Shift Done,” in NWA

Get Shift Done was born out of the necessity to keep service workers in the DFW Metroplex employed and working to help local Food Banks and Restaurants feed the food insecure. It has now morphed into 11 cities including Northwest Arkansas. Here all about it on today’s episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas Podcast.

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Bonus Episode: Has the Pandemic slowed Onyx Coffee Lab down?

We sat down with Jon Allen, who, along with his wife Andrea, is Co-Owner of Onyx Coffee Lab. Jon was a previous guest on episode 36 of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast. Onyx Coffee Lab is an excellent example of the Entrepreneurial potential and spirit that exists here in Northwest Arkansas.

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Episode 42: BBQ Is The Only 2ndHand Smoke That Nate Walls Is Blowing

In this episode, we sit down with Nate Walls founder of 2nd Hand Smoke BBQ NWA in Fayetteville. Nate has been cooking over an Open Fire and Smoke Pit for years. He learned his craft watching his mother prepare comfort food in her Juke Joint in St. Louis. 

Nate has combined his love of food and seeing people happy after eating a great meal with his prowess on the BBQ grill.

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Episode 39: Voted Most Likely to Be a Chef in HS, Jason Paul has created an Heirloom that tastes so good!

About the Show: One of the greatest lessons my Grandfather taught me was the importance of relationships. He would say, “It’s not what you know,…

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