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Episode 39: Voted Most Likely to Be a Chef in HS, Jason Paul has created an Heirloom that tastes so good!

About the Show:

One of the greatest lessons my Grandfather taught me was the importance of relationships. He would say, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know!” 

I’m sure many of you have heard that said to you at some time or another.  I have lived by this maxim all of my life. The relationships that I’ve developed here in Northwest Arkansas have driven the arc and growth of this podcast. 

 While I have no fear and I’m willing to “cold call,” or “cold email,” anyone it’s always nice to have an introduction by someone – Anthony Sumlin…I couldn’t do it without you!

My good friend, Melissa Swann, introduced me to Danielle Ribaudo and Chef Jason Paul of Heirloom in Rogers. Heirloom, housed in the 1907 Building in Downtown Rogers, is one of the hardest dining reservations to get in Northwest Arkansas.    

Chef Jason earned his stripes in the kitchen at the ripe old age of fourteen under renowned Chef Alex Stratta and he’s never looked back.

Hear how he started, worked his way through several great restaurants including a few in Las Vegas and how he and Danielle ultimately ended up in Northwest Arkansas.  We are definitely fortunate to have them both in this Neck of the Woods!

All of this, plus the secret to getting a coveted reservation at Heirloom, and more on this episode of I am Northwest Arkansas.  

Heirloom at the 1907

101 E. Walnut St., Suite 301

Rogers, AR 72756


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