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Episode 216: Discovering the Magic of Ballet in Northwest Arkansas with David Sanders

About the Show:

“I think that when we take any kind of classical art form and make it more difficult to get involved with, we take so much of the creativity out of it.”

 – David Sanders, Ozark Ballet Theater

David Sanders, a skilled ballet dancer, found his passion for the art form at the age of 16, after discovering a nonprofit ballet school in his hometown. He later embarked on a journey with his wife, Katie Stasse, seeking to open their own ballet school in order to make ballet education more accessible to children. 

This led them to Northwest Arkansas, where they noticed a lack of nonprofit ballet schools in the area. Despite financial struggles, David and Katie took a leap of faith and founded Ozark Ballet Theater, a nonprofit organization with one-third of its students on full scholarship.

Their goal was to create a more diverse and dynamic environment within the ballet community, believing that increasing accessibility to professional training and education would help sustain the art form. The community of Northwest Arkansas has shown tremendous support for its mission, proving that there is indeed a desire for accessible ballet education in the region.

In this episode, you will be able to: 

  • Discover the inspiring mission behind Ozark Ballet Theater and its commitment to making ballet education accessible to everyone.
  • Explore the fascinating transformation of David Sanders and Katie Stasse through their passion for ballet and their journey to becoming entrepreneurs.
  • Learn the impact of community involvement in the continued success of nonprofit arts organizations worldwide.
  • Understand the power of storytelling in ballet as a way of preserving tradition and engaging modern audiences.

All this and more on this episode of I am Northwest Arkansas.

Important Links and Mentions on the Show*

Email David Sanders

Website for Ozark Ballet Theater

Ozark Ballet Theater on Facebook

Ozark Ballet Theater on Instagram

If you are a local business owner, consider partnering with Ozark Ballet Theater to support their mission and provide resources for their programs.

Share this podcast episode with friends, family, and colleagues who may be interested in learning more about the importance of accessible ballet training and the work of Ozark Ballet Theater.

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