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Episode 217: Discover the Future of Northwest Arkansas with Talent Acquisition Experts Aron Shelton and Justin Stewart

About the Show:

“We want people to come, but we want them to stay.”

  • Aron Shelton, Northwest Arkansas Council

Aron Shelton and Justin Stewart were drawn to the unique challenges and opportunities of attracting and retaining a skilled workforce in Northwest Arkansas. As the director of Finding NWA, Aron applies his passion for the region to help others discover and appreciate the rich blend of culture, business, and outdoor recreation that the area offers. Justin is the Talent Ambassador with the Northwest Arkansas Council. Aron and Justin both work tirelessly to connect businesses with the resources and talent they need to thrive, while also showcasing the beauty and charm of their beloved home to newcomers and locals alike.

Connecting with the Council and Life Works Here Program

The Northwest Arkansas Council aims to make the transition for new businesses and their employees as smooth as possible by providing various support services, including marketing, talent attraction, and networking opportunities. During the podcast, Aron Shelton and Justin Stewart shared their own stories and experiences with the council and the Life Works Here program. They also provided contact information for individuals interested in learning more about these resources, encouraging prospective professionals and families to explore the benefits of relocating to NWA and becoming a part of the thriving community.

Retention Strategies and Sourcing Talent

Attracting top talent is crucial for the economic growth of Northwest Arkansas, but retaining that talent is equally important. The NWA Council has implemented several programs to minimize employee turnover and keep professionals rooted in the area. Aron Shelton and Justin Stewart talk about leveraging the Talent Network to support the retention of professionals by connecting them with career opportunities and resources available within NWA. They further discuss how the council is working with businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions to create a holistic approach to talent attraction and promotion in the region.

All this and more on this episode of I am Northwest Arkansas.  –

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Connect with the Northwest Arkansas Council

NWA Council Website

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