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IANWA Podcast Highlights…

About the Show:“Engagement in our communities shapes the foundation of our society, nurturing the seeds of change and growth for a better tomorrow.”– Alice Gachuzo-ColinJoin…Continue ReadingA Dream Realized: Alice Gachuzo-Colleen’s Civic Engagement and Community Roots in NWA
About the Show: “Exploring the world enriches us with experiences that resonate beyond borders, connecting us through the universal language of human curiosity and adventure.”…Continue ReadingExploring New Horizons: Anela Malik’s Journey from Diplomacy to Digital Influence
About the Show: “We provide creative support, highlights, and career development for people in the creative industry.” Rochelle Bailey In this episode of I am…Continue ReadingFashion with Purpose: Support Inclusivity and Education at NWA Fashion Week
About the Show: “Music is a universal language that knows no boundaries and has the power to unite us all.”  – Anthony Ball In this…Continue ReadingThe Rhythm of Change: Music Moves Inspiring Students Through Arts Education
About the Show: “Lead Belly was an instrumentalist, a storyteller, and a fighter. He was someone who gave us stories about what was going on…Continue ReadingFrom Angola to Fame – How Lead Belly Sung His Way to Musical Greatness
About the Show: “It’s for the most important of causes, which is to make sure that every kid in Arkansas has a chance to succeed.”…Continue ReadingSouping up Support: How Soup Sunday Fuels Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families
About the Show: “We believe that all students, every single student, has the capacity to be a leader, not just in school, not just in…Continue ReadingDeveloping Tomorrow’s Leaders in Northwest Arkansas: The Soar AfterSchool Program
About the Show: “I have a talent for finding common ground with people. I figure out what they like and dig into it, connecting on…Continue ReadingLaugh and Learn with the Frisco Kid: Uncover the Power of Comedy in Northwest Arkansas – Tune In Now!
About the Show: “We need art in our lives in order to be fully fulfilled.”   – Shannon Jones, Theater Squared Meet Shannon Jones, the dynamic…Continue ReadingExploring the Artistic Vision of Northwest Arkansas with Shannon Jones, Theater Squared’ Trailblazing Executive Director
About the Show: “You have to grab onto those ideas that come to you and make them happen.”   – Chef Maudie Schmitt Embark on a…Continue ReadingDiscover Culinary Passion: Join Maudie Schmitt’s Journey from New Orleans Roots to NWA Restaurant Success

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