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Uniting to Advance Women: Lela Davidson & Kimberly McGee of NextUp Northwest Arkansas

About the Show:  

Be part of the band and join NextUp to advance women in business and the workplace through the power of community.

“It’s important to see people that not only look like you but have had some of the same shared experiences, as it helps validate the path you’re on and strengthens your voice.” 

– Kimberly McGee

Lela Davidson is a 19-year Northwest Arkansas resident and co-chair of NextUP, an organization dedicated to advancing women, growing businesses, and transforming the workplace through the power of community. Kimberly McGee has been in Northwest Arkansas for 20 years and is a co-chair of NextUP, where she leads the team that launched the Mentor Circles program.

Kimberly McGee and Lela Davidson met through mutual involvement in the Junior League. They decided to join forces to get involved with NextUP, a national organization that helps advance women and grows businesses. They helped to establish the Northwest Arkansas chapter of NextUp. 

Through mentoring circles and events like their annual LPGA event, NextUP has provided a safe space for women to develop their voices, grow professionally, and build a robust and supportive community of like-minded individuals. 

Men are encouraged to become allies; anyone can join the movement and become “part of the band.”

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. How can men become allies to advance women’s issues?

2. How can companies create a more inclusive environment for female employees?

3. What opportunities are available for female entrepreneurs through the NextUP organization?

All this and more on this episode of I am Northwest Arkansas.-

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