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Episode 211: Expedition Ozark: Danny Collins and the World of Adventure Racing here in Northwest Arkansas

About the Show:

In this podcast episode, we sit down with Danny Collins as he leads an international roster of adventure racers through the breathtaking Ozarks to compete in the Adventure Race World Series and discover the hidden beauty of his backyard.

“The outdoors is what we have here, and so what better way to connect with it, even for your corporate groups. We see the value in the outdoors as being that environment to build, those team bonding, those leadership skills, and especially in this post-COVID world, we need different ways to engage with each other.”

– Danny Collins, Race Director

Danny Collins is a past guest on the podcast – Episode 56 – and the founder of 37 North Expeditions, specializing in curating exceptional outdoor experiences. He has been adventure racing for 15 years and is the director of the upcoming Expedition Ozark, an adventure race circuit of the Adventure Race World Series.

Danny Collins was in awe of the beauty of the Ozarks and wanted to make it easier for people to get outside and explore. With 37 North Expeditions, Danny curates exceptional outdoor experiences, providing the equipment and transportation and taking the planning steps out. Danny’s passion for adventure racing and the outdoors led him to create Expedition Ozark, a five-day, 375-mile race with teams from 10 countries. With an opening ceremony, a flag ceremony, and a huge finish festival, Danny is excited to give the racers and the community an experience they won’t forget.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. Adventure racing around the world as part of the Adventure Race World Series

2. An upcoming Expedition Ozark race taking place across 375 miles of the Ozarks in Northwest Arkansas

3. An opening ceremony in Fayetteville and a celebration in Bentonville on April 8th are both open to the community.

All this and more on this episode of I am Northwest Arkansas.

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Website for Expedition Ozark

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Danny Collins on LinkedIn

Website for 37North Expeditions

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