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Bonus Episode: Breaking New Ground in Northwest Arkansas: Diversifying Real Estate Development with ULI’s REDI Program

Show Notes:

In this bonus episode of “I am Northwest Arkansas”, host Randy Wilburn brings us an enlightening conversation with Megan Brown from the Urban Land Institute of Northwest Arkansas (ULINWA). Megan and Randy discuss the upcoming Real Estate Diversity Initiative (REDI) Program by ULINWA, designed to increase the diversity of leadership in the built environment. They highlight the REDI program’s importance in addressing affordable housing and development issues in Northwest Arkansas.

Megan provides an in-depth overview of the REDI program, its goals, and how it could benefit anyone with an interest in the built environment, from developers, lawyers, and bankers to students and engaged citizens. She also shares insights on the structure of the REDI program, including hands-on experiences with a plot of land, lessons on building performance, regulations, and creating marketing plans, along with networking opportunities with local and regional leaders.

Beyond the REDI program, they discuss the growth of Northwest Arkansas, the opportunities it presents, and the importance of place-making. If you’re interested in contributing to the proper development of Northwest Arkansas and creating spaces for everyone, this episode is a must-listen!

Check out the video below:

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