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Episode 254: Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders in Northwest Arkansas: The Soar’s Afterschool Program

About the Show:

“We believe that all students, every single student, has the capacity to be a leader, not just in school, not just in these big leadership opportunities, but in their homes, in their communities.” 

 – Ellie Hoyt

Join Randy Wilburn as he connects with Ellie Hoyt, the enthusiastic Director of Development at Soar’s Afterschool program. This engaging episode dives into the heart of Soar’s mission: empowering young minds through the unique Soar Amazing Shake competition. 

Listen as Ellie elaborates on how the program creates a nurturing environment for students, enhancing their public speaking and communication skills. Discover the transformative journey of the Amazing Shake competition and its profound effect on both the participants and the Northwest Arkansas community. 

This conversation is not just insightful but also inspirational, especially for parents and educators dedicated to fostering children’s development. Get ready to be motivated by Ellie’s dedication to grooming the next generation of leaders. Don’t miss out on this episode to learn about Soar’s innovative approach and how it’s sculpting tomorrow’s leaders, right here in Northwest Arkansas and beyond!

All this and more on this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast.  

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