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Bonus Episode: Souping up Support: How Soup Sunday Fuels Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families

About the Show:

“It’s for the most important of causes, which is to make sure that every kid in Arkansas has a chance to succeed.”

  • Clint Schaff


In this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast, you will hear from Missy Kincaid and Clint Schaff, who are deeply involved with the Arkansas Advocate for Children and Families. They share insights about the organization’s mission to support kids and families in Arkansas, discussing their annual Soup Sunday event, an important fundraiser. Missy and Clint dive into the significance of the event, highlighting the community’s involvement and the diverse activities available, from trying out delectable soups to engaging in important causes like voter registration and vaccine clinics. Their passion and dedication to this cause shines through, making it a compelling listen for anyone interested in supporting children and families in Arkansas. This episode offers valuable insights into the impactful work of the Arkansas Advocate for Children and Families and how individuals can become involved in supporting children and families in Arkansas.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Discover the Culinary Talents of Local Chefs – Uncover the exceptional flavors and creativity brought to life by our local culinary experts at Soup Sunday.
  • Support Arkansas Advocate for Children and Families through Soup Sunday.
  • Experience a day filled with fun and togetherness for the whole family, with engaging activities and entertainment at Soup Sunday.
  • Contribute to Soup Sunday Fundraising Event – Make a difference by participating in the Soup Sunday fundraising event, where every contribution goes towards supporting the advocacy for children and families in Arkansas.

All this and more on this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast.  

Important Links and Mentions on the Show*:



Website Arkansas Advocates for Children & Families (AACF)

AACF Soup Sunday on Facebook

AACF Soup Sunday on Instagram

AACF Soup Sunday on YouTube

Tune in to KUAF 91.3 FM to listen to the I Am Northwest Arkansas podcast on Ozarks at Large.

The link to our AACF events page can be found here but that will show you all of our events.  If you want to go to Soup Sunday, you can use NWA Soup Sunday link.  And finally, this takes you right to the link where you can Buy your Soup Sunday Tickets here!

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Signature Bank of Arkansas “Community Banking at its Best!”

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