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Tag: Springdale

Episode 265: NWA Transplant Series: Chef Michael Robertshaw Shares His Journey to Opening Pizzeria Ruby

In this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast, host Randy Wilburn dives deep with Chef Michael Robertshaw, founder of Pizzeria Ruby. Renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and New England-inspired flavors, Pizzeria Ruby stands as a culinary gem in the Ozarks. Chef Michael shares his journey from Boston’s rich food scene to creating a beloved dining spot in Northwest Arkansas, driven by his Greek-Italian heritage and a commitment to authenticity and quality.

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Episode 261: From Farm to Fork: How Spring Creek Food Hub Supports Local Agriculture in Northwest Arkansas:

Randy Wilburn delves into the world of Anthony Mirisciotta, the driving force behind Spring Creek Food Hub. Anthony’s journey from Vermont’s organic farms to California’s wholesale markets has equipped him with invaluable insights into the essence of local food systems. Through their conversation, listeners are invited to explore the critical role of sustainability, the nexus between technology and farming, and the promising future of the Spring Creek Food Hub. As they discuss the upcoming expansion to the Market Center of the Ozarks, Randy and Anthony paint a vivid picture of how this initiative will bolster food security and nurture community ties in the Ozarks, highlighting its significance for the region’s agricultural evolution.

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Episode 258- A Dream Realized: Alice Gachuzo-Colin’s Civic Engagement and Community Roots in NWA

In this captivating excerpt, Alice Gachuzo-Colin shares her journey from upstate New York to making significant strides in Springdale’s civic landscape. As a passionate advocate for community engagement, Alice’s leap into the political arena as a Springdale City Council candidate and her role with Get Loud Arkansas exemplify her commitment to fostering inclusion and empowerment. Her efforts in organizing Springdale’s annual MLK celebration and her campaign reflect a deep-seated belief in the power of representation and the impact of collective action. Alice’s story is not just about personal achievement but a resonant call to action, highlighting the transformative power of community involvement and the importance of standing up for one’s beliefs.

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