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Tag: Springdale

Episode 258- A Dream Realized: Alice Gachuzo-Colin’s Civic Engagement and Community Roots in NWA

In this captivating excerpt, Alice Gachuzo-Colin shares her journey from upstate New York to making significant strides in Springdale’s civic landscape. As a passionate advocate for community engagement, Alice’s leap into the political arena as a Springdale City Council candidate and her role with Get Loud Arkansas exemplify her commitment to fostering inclusion and empowerment. Her efforts in organizing Springdale’s annual MLK celebration and her campaign reflect a deep-seated belief in the power of representation and the impact of collective action. Alice’s story is not just about personal achievement but a resonant call to action, highlighting the transformative power of community involvement and the importance of standing up for one’s beliefs.

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Bonus Episode: Fashion with Purpose: Support Inclusivity and Education at NWA Fashion Week

In this episode of I am Northwest Arkansas podcast, our host Randy Wilburn spotlights the upcoming Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week. Joining him is the dynamic Rochelle Bailey, Marketing Communications Manager at INTERFORM, who shares the exciting details of the event and the significant impact it has on our local community.

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Episode 254: Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders in Northwest Arkansas: The Soar’s Afterschool Program

Ellie passionately elaborates on how the program fosters a nurturing environment for students, enhancing their public speaking and communication skills. The Amazing Shake competition’s transformative journey and its profound impact on both participants and the Northwest Arkansas community are revealed. This conversation is not only insightful but also deeply inspirational, particularly for parents and educators committed to nurturing children’s development.

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Episode 244: Unlocking Specialized Pediatric Care in Northwest Arkansas with Shannon Hendrix

Shannon Hendrix, Senior VP at Children’s Hospital discusses her role in developing Arkansas Children’s in Springdale, emphasizing its status as the region’s sole pediatric hospital. The episode sheds light on ACNW’s comprehensive services, including emergency and specialty care, while addressing pediatric healthcare misconceptions. The significance of a local children’s hospital for Northwest Arkansas families, particularly those contemplating moving to the area, is a key topic, highlighting the area’s strong pediatric healthcare offerings. This episode is informative for anyone interested in Northwest Arkansas’s healthcare, especially in pediatrics.

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