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Episode 23: From 10,000 Watts to 100,000 Watts, The Evolution of Public Radio in NWA with Kyle Kellams

About the Show:

On this episode of the podcast, we sit down with Kyle Kellams, News Director of KUAF, 91.3 FM and Producer of Ozarks at Large. Kyle has been with the public radio station for more than 30 years. In High School, Kyle started out in radio on KTLO in Mountain Home, AR, where he grew up.  He attended the University of Arkansas where he spent time working at KUAF among other stations.  

Kyle produces the Ozarks at Large show on KUAF.  The locally produced news magazine covers news, sports, politics, arts & culture, and all of the cool and unusual things that happen in the Ozarks.  

We talked about a wide range of topics including the relevancy of radio stations, the evolution of podcasting, Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, Avengers End Game,  and the importance of creating great content for your listening audience. Content that stands the test of time and attention. 

One of Kyle’s teachers back in Mountain Home told him that “you can’t turn talking into a living…”  Boy, did Kyle ever prove her wrong!

All of this and more on this episode of I am Northwest Arkansas.  

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