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Episode 117: Amanda Childs and Community Service Inc are Keeping Families Strong In Northwest Arkansas

About the Show:                          

We recently sat down with Amanda Childs of Community Service Inc. (CSI), a 501(c)3 youth and family services organization serving youth 18 and younger. They were founded in 1958 by Conway County Circuit Judge Audrey Strait, CSI, to “combat juvenile delinquency” directly and to minimize the rate of delinquency through “serving other segments of the population who were in need.”

Some of CSI’s services include prevention and education, therapeutic foster care, day treatment, substance abuse services, mental health services, and juvenile justice.

Listen in as Amanda shares how her challenging upbringing inspired her to become an advocate for youth in need.

After graduating with a major in psychology and a minor in criminal justice, Amanda was initially at a loss about what she wanted to do out of school. Through the encouragement of one of her professors, she went down the path that eventually led her to CSI.

Amanda explains her role at CSI and how the non-profit has evolved to address the needs of children and teenagers in today’s world, such as taking into account the risks of social media to their mental, emotional, and social development.

All of this and more on this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast.

  • [02:43] Amanda’s superhero origin story and how she came to work for CSI
  • [18:30] What led CSI to expand to Northwest Arkansas
  • [22:29] How social media has exacerbated mental health challenges among the youth
  • [25:47] CSI’s most-needed services by location
  • [31:27] The power of allowing yourself to be fallible
  • [40:24] Embracing authenticity as the key to growth

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Email Community Service, Inc.

Website for Community Service, Inc.

Community Service, Inc on Facebook

Contact CSI at 479-418-3404

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