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Episode 118: BikeNWA Shows You Where and How To Ride in Northwest Arkansas

About the Show:                          

Are you in Northwest Arkansas?

Would you like to join the cycling community? 

This episode is for you!  

We sat down with Bianca Montoya, Communication and Marketing Director at BikeNWA. Bianca sheds light on how the BikeNWA organization intentionally supports and builds a cycling culture in Northwest Arkansas.

Bianca moved to Northwest Arkansas to attend the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. After studying Advertising and Public Relations, Bianca started volunteering with organizations across Northwest Arkansas. Her volunteering spurred her passion for contributing to the NWA community and led her to get more involved in the local non-profit scene. 

In her role at BikeNWA, Bianca focuses on bicycle advocacy and education. The fact that May is National Bike Month makes it even better. Whether you’ve never ridden a bike before or spent most of your waking hours on the Greenway and local trails, this episode has something for you.  

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[04:00] What led Bianca to BikeNWA? Has she been a cyclist all her life?

[06:39] Biking culture experience in Northwest Arkansas

[13:57] Building a bike culture

[18:49] National Bike Month and what BikeNWA seeks to achieve in May as well as the remainder of the year.

[27:01] How Bike NWA is creating riding opportunities for all

[34:18] Where should new cyclists start?


“If you’re doing something that you’re truly passionate about, it’s easy to get up every morning and go do it.” – Bianca Montoya.

“I love to tell people to be patient and continue to pursue and redefine how they look at failure. – Bianca Montoya

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