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Creating Community through Art: Insights from Lakeisha Edwards of Art Ventures

About the Show:

“Everyone deserves to take up space in the arts ecosystem, regardless of background or experience.”

 – Lakeisha Edwards

On this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast, host Randy Wilburn talks to Lakeisha Edwards, the Executive Director of Art Ventures. Edwards emphasizes the importance of collaboration, support, and the welcoming spirit of the Northwest Arkansas community that has inspired her work at Art Ventures. She sheds light on the need for recognizing the business side of art and the importance of funding to sustain organizations in the art community.

Edwards outlines various ways individuals can make a difference, such as becoming monthly donors or art angels, with contributions as small as $10 making an impact. She encourages listeners to connect with Art Ventures through their website, social media platforms, or by visiting their physical gallery.

Wilburn praises Edwards for her dedication and urges listeners to contact her personally. Their conversation serves as both a celebration of the thriving cultural community in Northwest Arkansas and an invitation for others to get involved and contribute to the growth of the arts in the region.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Glimpse Art Ventures’ fervent mission is to make art accessible to every individual.
  • Delve into the labor of love and challenges encountered in curating funded public art projects.
  • Realize your significant role as a patron in keeping Art Ventures thriving and ensuring art is accessible to all.
  • Look forward to Art Ventures’ future endeavors in expanding their community outreach and forming partnerships.
  • Understand the profound influence of art in cultivating a communal spirit of safety, solace, and unity.

All this and more on this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast. (insert the Main block of show notes here)

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