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Episode 228: From Local Farmers Markets to Popular Establishments: Natural State Beverage Company Takes Northwest Arkansas by Storm – Krista Cloud

About the Show:

“It’s far easier to walk into a room and admit that you know nothing than to pretend you know everything.”

 – Krista Cloud

On the I Am Northwest Arkansas podcast, host Randy Wilburn is joined by Krista Cloud, who co-founded the Natural State Beverage Company. The discussion revolves around their remarkable business journey and the choice of making Northwest Arkansas their base. Their narrative underscores the impact of community backing and the fulfillment that comes with pursuing one’s passion.

Krista and her life and business partner, Ty Cloud, discovered their affection for Arkansas during their outdoor explorations within the state. Their desire to provide non-alcoholic drink options for non-beer drinkers sparked the idea to craft their own soda and kombucha. The overwhelmingly positive feedback they received at a bike-packing event convinced them to evolve their pastime into a business.

Scaling up their production without compromising quality was one of the significant obstacles they encountered. The couple found invaluable guidance and support from the local breweries in Northwest Arkansas, which generously provided space and equipment to kickstart their venture.

In the podcast, Krista accentuates the vital role of community support in their business progression. The combination of their unwavering resolve and the readiness of others to lend a helping hand proved to be a driving force. Their meticulous attention to every detail, from securing a brewery space to picking the right ingredients, reflects their dedication to upholding their brand identity and ensuring top-notch product quality.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Learn the significance of community backing and teamwork in shaping the growth trajectory of a startup.
  • Delve into the complexities, victories, and hiccups faced when initiating a beverage business, gaining practical insights.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the process of brewing kombucha, emphasizing its immense health benefits and how it is made.

All this and more on this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast. 

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