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Category: Podcast

Episode 267: James Hawkins Discusses Mental Health and the Importance of Seeking Support

In this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas Podcast, host Randy Wilburn dives deep with James Hawkins, a seasoned therapist and clinical coordinator at the Joshua Center. James, an Air Force veteran with extensive experience in psychology, explores the dynamic blend of business, culture, and life in the Ozarks. The conversation highlights James’s unique journey from the South to finding community in Northwest Arkansas. They tackle crucial topics such as the nuances of African American identity in predominantly white spaces and advocate for the indispensable value of in-person therapy. Throughout, James shares insights from his work and his podcast, “The Leading Edge in Emotionally Focused Therapy,” emphasizing the profound impact of face-to-face therapeutic relationships.

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Episode 266: Fayetteville High School Football Coach Casey Dick Reflects on Championship Season

In this special episode of “I am Northwest Arkansas,” host Randy Wilburn delves into the remarkable journey of Coach Casey Dick, the force behind the undefeated season of the Fayetteville High School Bulldogs. From his formative years as a quarterback at the University of Arkansas to his influential role as a coach, Dick shares how his passion for football and leadership shaped his coaching philosophy. He emphasizes the power of building strong, familial relationships within the team, which not only propelled the Bulldogs to a perfect 13-0 season but also strengthened the community ties in Fayetteville, nurturing young athletes into future leaders both on and off the field.

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Episode 265: NWA Transplant Series: Chef Michael Robertshaw Shares His Journey to Opening Pizzeria Ruby

In this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast, host Randy Wilburn dives deep with Chef Michael Robertshaw, founder of Pizzeria Ruby. Renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and New England-inspired flavors, Pizzeria Ruby stands as a culinary gem in the Ozarks. Chef Michael shares his journey from Boston’s rich food scene to creating a beloved dining spot in Northwest Arkansas, driven by his Greek-Italian heritage and a commitment to authenticity and quality.

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Episode 264: NWA Transplant Series: Nick and Meredith Castin Share Their Journey from Southern California to Northwest Arkansas

Nick and Meredith Castin, transplants from San Diego to Northwest Arkansas, advocate for active transportation and sustainable development. The “I am Northwest Arkansas” podcast episode explores their move, community integration, and efforts towards equitable living through “Fayette Forward.”

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