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Category: Podcast

Bonus Episode: Fashion with Purpose: Support Inclusivity and Education at NWA Fashion Week

In this episode of I am Northwest Arkansas podcast, our host Randy Wilburn spotlights the upcoming Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week. Joining him is the dynamic Rochelle Bailey, Marketing Communications Manager at INTERFORM, who shares the exciting details of the event and the significant impact it has on our local community.

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Episode 255: From Angola to Fame – How Lead Belly Sung His Way to Musical Greatness

Alvin Singh’s life took an unexpected turn when he unearthed his familial link to the legendary musician Lead Belly. This revelation ignited a newfound passion for preserving Lead Belly’s musical legacy, transforming Alvin’s personal journey into a captivating tale of cultural preservation and the enduring impact of music.

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Bonus Episode: Souping up Support: How Soup Sunday Fuels Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families

Missy Kincaid and Clint Schaff, dedicated advocates for the Arkansas Advocate for Children and Families, passionately discuss the organization’s mission to support Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families. They delve into the annual Soup Sunday fundraiser, highlighting the community’s active participation and the range of activities available, from savoring delicious soups to championing causes like voter registration and vaccine clinics. Their unwavering dedication shines, making it a must-listen for those interested in supporting Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families.

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