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Episode 167: The Best of Both Worlds: Guns and Bikes at The Double Barrel Gravel Ride

About This Episode:

We recently sat down with Chris Brosh and Tim Robinson, Phat Tire Bike Shop founders, and Tanner Bedwell, Board Member of Benton County Quail, to discuss the upcoming Double Barrel Gravel Ride on Saturday, May 14th, 2022. 

This FREE event is unique for many reasons, the least of which is that you get to ride your bike and shoot guns with friends. At the end of the ride, there will be live music and a Jambalaya and Crawfish Boil. 

Here is all of the Event Information taken directly from their site.


   6:30 am: Registration and Check-In

   8:00 am:  71 Mile Riders Meeting and Start

   1:00 pm:  31 Mile Riders’ Meeting and Start

   1:00 pm:  15 Mile Riders’ Meeting and Start

3:30 pm:  The Party Starts at 71 and the 31-mile course will not be marked.  The 15-mile course will be marked.  GPS course routes are indicated below.  Aid stations are provided.

Start & Finish is at the Benton County Quail Barn.  The routes are chunky gravel roads.  The 71-mile option has approximately 5K in climbing.

Double Barrel is a Poker Ride. Don’t forget to collect cards at the Aid Stations. You can earn bonus cards by blasting clay pigeons. The best poker hands win fabulous prizes.

Join us for the party.  It all starts at 3:30 pm.  

Things to bring:

  • Bike, helmet, and cycling clothes
  • Change of clothes for post-ride festivities
  • All the friends you can muster
  • No need to carry guns or ammo as those are provided
  • Bikes with 35mm or wider tires are recommended

If you need to grab some tires or rent a bike, Phat Tire Bike Shop has you covered.

GPS Course Route Links:  

71-mile route:

31-mile route:

15-mile route:

Click in the top right of the link on the ‘Export’ button to load to your GPS device of choice.

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