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Tag: SoNA

Episode 136: In this World and In Northwest Arkansas Relationships Are Everything!

Anthony works at Sam’s Club and is quite involved in the NWA Community. His involvement with SoNA and the Single Parent Scholarship Fund of NWA is an example of how relationships can lead to many opportunities.

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Episode 40: 65 years of Symphonic Excellence, an insiders look at SoNA – Part Two

In this episode, we sit down with Matthew Herren, Executive Director and Julianne Brown, Chairman of the BOD with SoNA. This is the second of two interviews that we did with SoNA. In episode 37 of I am Northwest Arkansas, we sat down with SoNA Conductor Paul Haas who walked us through the artistic process of putting on a Season of the symphony.

Matthew and Julianne provided some great insight into how the Symphony started and what they have to do behind the scenes to make each season go. 

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Episode 37: SoNA Conductor Paul Haas is leading 65 years of Symphonic Excellence in the Ozarks

I must confess that I love classical music. Especially the Symphony. I grew up on Tchaikovsky, Handels Messiah, and Pachabel Canon.  I also love the Opera but we’ll get to that later. I learned very early on in my time here in NWA that we have our own Symphony and that it’s not just a program that has sporadic events but one that has been in existence for 65 years and counting. 

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