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Tag: Rogers

Episode 263: Ozark Beer Company: Brewing Tradition and Building Community in Northwest Arkansas

Lacie Bray, co-founder of Ozark Beer Company, unveils the inspiring story behind one of the Ozarks’ most beloved breweries. With a deep-rooted passion for sustainable brewing and community building, Lacie and her husband Andy Coates have transformed their vision into a reality since 2013. Originating from the picturesque settings of Walla Walla, Washington, their journey led them to establish a community cornerstone in downtown Rogers, Arkansas. Throughout the conversation, Lacie highlights the brewery’s dedication to traditional brewing techniques, eco-friendly practices, and a keen responsiveness to the tastes and values of their local community. Whether it is their staple beers or the innovative introduction of kombucha on tap, Ozark Beer Company’s mission is to craft not just exceptional beverages but also a space where community thrives. This episode not only celebrates their journey but also reflects on the integral role of craft breweries in fostering communal ties, underscored by terms like “craft beer,” “sustainable brewing,” and “community-focused brewery.”

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Episode 237: Transform Your Health with Plant-Based Living in Northwest Arkansas – Insights from Dr. Craig Keever

In this I Am Northwest Arkansas podcast, Craig Keever, a pediatrician, and his wife, Amy, share insights on the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. They dispel myths, offer practical tips, and provide resources for those interested in a healthier Northwest Arkansas.

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Episode 232: Relationships are the Foundation: Stuart Collier’s Key to Success in the Real Estate Industry

Stuart Collier: From real estate dreams to nursing home success, addiction’s abyss, and a triumphant return. His journey embodies perseverance, gratitude, and valuing people.