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Episode 256: The Rhythm of Change: Music Moves Inspiring Students Through Arts Education

About the Show:

“Music is a universal language that knows no boundaries and has the power to unite us all.”

 – Anthony Ball

In this episode of I am Northwest Arkansas, host Randy Wilburn sits down with Anthony Ball and Reginald James, the dynamic duo behind Music Moves.  These passionate advocates for black music are on a mission to enlighten Northwest Arkansas and beyond about the rich history and influence of black music in America. From the classroom to the concert stage, Anthony and Reginald are spreading the rhythm of culture and education throughout the Ozarks.

Anthony, a seasoned musician known for his work with Funk Factory, and Reginald, an educator with a profound love for music, share their journey of creating Music Moves.  They delve into their vision of expanding the community’s understanding of black music’s roots and its undeniable impact on the American music tapestry.

Join us for an inspiring conversation that not only dives into the significance of black music but also reveals the duo’s future plans for Music Moves including the opening of the Music Depot—a learning center and live music venue in Rogers, AR. Discover how they’re bringing history to life in schools, creating career opportunities in the music industry, and uniting people of all ages through the power of melody.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The transformative role of black music in shaping the American music landscape and its timeless influence across genres.
  • How Music Moves is educating and inspiring the next generation through school programs and community events.
  • The exciting launch of the Music Depot in Rogers and its dual role as a venue for live performances and a hub for music education.
  • The importance of storytelling in preserving the legacy of black music and its creators.

All this and more on this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast.

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