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Tag: Real Estate

Episode 232: Relationships are the Foundation: Stuart Collier’s Key to Success in the Real Estate Industry

Stuart Collier: From real estate dreams to nursing home success, addiction’s abyss, and a triumphant return. His journey embodies perseverance, gratitude, and valuing people.


Episode 89: Is Northwest Arkansas the Unicorn of Real Estate Investing? A conversation with Henry Washington

About the Show: We recently sat down with Henry Washington from Independent Realty Group based in Springdale, Arkansas.  Over the past few years, Henry has…

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Episode 77: Hear how Jennifer McMurray kicked $72K in Sallie Mae Student Loan Debt to the curb and learned how to Flip Houses in the process

About the Show: Our Guest on the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast, Jennifer McMurray, is living proof that you don’t have to let Student Loan…

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Episode 54: You can leave your town but you can’t leave your problems, a conversation with NWA’s own Ezra Quinn

About the Show: We recently sat down with Ezra Quinn, Founder of Quinn Homes Real Estate and The Therapy Collective in Fayetteville. Ezra has been around these…

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