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Tag: Fayetteville

Episode 259: Through the Lens of Love: Meredith Mashburn’s Photographic Mission in the Heartland

“The art of photography comes from connection,” asserts Meredith Mashburn, a seasoned photographer whose lens captures stories rather than mere images. Join us as Meredith shares her deep commitment to environmental advocacy through her latest project, ‘Wild Rising,’ sparking conversations on climate change while celebrating unsung heroes working towards a better future. Through her insights, discover the transformative power of photography and the unique charm Northwest Arkansas offers.

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Episode 252: Exploring the Artistic Vision of Northwest Arkansas with Shannon Jones, Theater Squared’s Trailblazing Executive Director

Meet Shannon Jones, the dynamic new executive director of Theater Squared. Armed with a BFA in stage management from the University of Central Florida, Shannon has extensive experience in the arts. Her journey to Northwest Arkansas, initially hesitant, was persuaded by Theater Squared’ artistic director, Bob Ford. Since her arrival in 2014, Shannon has significantly influenced the local arts community, managing over 350 performances annually and leading the Schools Tour program. Her commitment to the arts and community engagement highlights her role as a transformative figure in Northwest Arkansas’s cultural landscape.”

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Episode 251: Discover Culinary Passion: Join Maudie Schmitt’s Journey from New Orleans Roots to NWA Restaurant Success

Raised above her parents’ restaurant in New Orleans, Maudie Schmitt grew up enveloped by the vibrant culinary culture, which sparked her lifelong passion for cooking. Despite a career in education, she nurtured this passion through catering, leading to the opening of Cafe Rue Orleans in Northwest Arkansas. Today, it stands as a testament to her dedication to authentic cuisine and the enduring love of food.

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