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Tag: Dave LeVan

Episode: Safe Water for All: Dave LeVan and Lifewater’s Fight Against the Global Water Crisis

Dave LeVan’s remarkable journey, from his role as a Walmart executive to becoming the CEO of Lifewater, is a testament to his unwavering commitment to global impact and purpose. Infused with corporate expertise, a global perspective, and a profound sense of altruism, Dave discovered his true calling in transforming communities worldwide. His connection with Lifewater began through his church’s Serve the World initiative, leading him to places like Northern Nigeria and Ukraine, where he was captivated by Lifewater’s dedication to sustainable solutions for the global water crisis. Dave’s decision to join their board and his subsequent move to Northwest Arkansas coincided with a serendipitous opportunity to lead Lifewater as CEO. Join us to explore Dave’s inspiring journey and his impactful work, where compassion and strategic planning converge to tackle one of the world’s most urgent challenges.

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