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Tag: Bentonville

Episode 178: When A Pool Cannot Hold You Maybe A Lake Will – A Conversation About Open Water Swimming in Northwest Arkansas with Bonnie Adams The Founder of Swim Oz

About the Show: Swimming is one of my favorite exercises. I don’t get to do it often, but I feel at home in the water.…

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Episode 176: Chef Matt Cooper and Conifer Are Planting The Seeds of Community With a Gluten-Free Restaurant In Downtown Bentonville

About the Show: Chef Matt Cooper is a friend of the podcast and one of the finest Chefs in Northwest Arkansas, if not the United…

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Episode 176: It’s Never Too Late To Learn To Ride A Bike In Northwest Arkansas – A Conversation With TRAILBLAZERS

About the Show: I can remember when I learned to ride a bike. I was about four years old and had a bike with training…

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Episode 170: 400,000 Biscuits Can’t Be Wrong. A Conversation with Hayne Begley from The Delta Biscuit Company

About the Show:                          Hayne Begley makes a lot of Biscuits. More than 400,000…

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