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Episode 180: Restore Humanity is Meeting The Needs of Children in Kenya with Help from Northwest Arkansas

About the Show:

One frequent theme that resurfaces on the podcast is the level of giving that takes place right here in Northwest Arkansas. We have the Walton Family Foundation among a host of other great organizations that give back to our local community and make a difference worldwide.  

Sometimes these programs are some of the best-kept secrets under our noses.  One of our goals here at the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast is to tell as many of these stories as humanely possible.  

Here is another one for you.

We recently sat down with a busy couple, Sarah and Herbert “Boo” Buchanan to talk about their organization, Restore is an organization that helps some of the neediest children in Kenya.  Their organization works to provide education and create a better life for kids from complex backgrounds, and many have no parents or support system of any kind.  

Before even starting Restore Humanity, Sarah felt a calling to Africa in 2006. She spent some time in South Africa, where she got exposed to several programs making a difference in the lives of South African children. That experience fueled Sarah to want to do something in Africa, and she was attracted to meeting needs in East Africa, specifically Kenya.

Restore Humanity was born in 2008. Sarah and Herbert attended Fayetteville High School but didn’t become friends until after college. Their friendship grew over the years as Restore Humanity started, and they eventually married and have not looked back.  

Their commitment to the children of Kenya grows every year, and you can see the fruit of their efforts and the support received by Northwest Arkansas in their work at

All this and more on this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast.

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