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I am Northwest Arkansas Posts

Bonus Episode: Souping up Support: How Soup Sunday Fuels Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families

Missy Kincaid and Clint Schaff, dedicated advocates for the Arkansas Advocate for Children and Families, passionately discuss the organization’s mission to support Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families. They delve into the annual Soup Sunday fundraiser, highlighting the community’s active participation and the range of activities available, from savoring delicious soups to championing causes like voter registration and vaccine clinics. Their unwavering dedication shines, making it a must-listen for those interested in supporting Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families.

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Episode 254: Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders in Northwest Arkansas: The Soar’s Afterschool Program

Ellie passionately elaborates on how the program fosters a nurturing environment for students, enhancing their public speaking and communication skills. The Amazing Shake competition’s transformative journey and its profound impact on both participants and the Northwest Arkansas community are revealed. This conversation is not only insightful but also deeply inspirational, particularly for parents and educators committed to nurturing children’s development.

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Episode 253: Laugh and Learn with the Frisco Kid: Uncover the Power of Comedy in Northwest Arkansas – Tune In Now!

About the Show: “I have a talent for finding common ground with people. I figure out what they like and dig into it, connecting on…

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Episode 252: Exploring the Artistic Vision of Northwest Arkansas with Shannon Jones, Theater Squared’s Trailblazing Executive Director

Meet Shannon Jones, the dynamic new executive director of Theater Squared. Armed with a BFA in stage management from the University of Central Florida, Shannon has extensive experience in the arts. Her journey to Northwest Arkansas, initially hesitant, was persuaded by Theater Squared’ artistic director, Bob Ford. Since her arrival in 2014, Shannon has significantly influenced the local arts community, managing over 350 performances annually and leading the Schools Tour program. Her commitment to the arts and community engagement highlights her role as a transformative figure in Northwest Arkansas’s cultural landscape.”

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