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I am Northwest Arkansas Posts

Episode 275: Exploring Podcasting’s Impact and Growth in Arkansas with Ti King

Ti King, founder of the Arkansas Podcasters Group (Our Cast), has transformed podcasting across Arkansas from Little Rock. Along with Brittany Rush and Karen Stewart, Ti has built a supportive podcasting community, promoted storytelling, and provided essential resources for podcasters. With a background in marketing and non-profit support, Ti’s efforts have had a wide-reaching impact.

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Episode 274: Emma Willis Discusses Preserving Black History in Northwest Arkansas

Emma Willis, founder of Impact Period and representative for NWA Black Heritage, is dedicated to preserving African American history in Northwest Arkansas. She is leading efforts to establish the first Black Fayetteville Historic District. In the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast, Emma discusses her journey, community engagement, and the importance of recognizing African American contributions in the region.

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Episode 273: Juan Bahena Discusses the Success and Vision of Tula, a Mexican Restaurant in Fayetteville

Juan Bahena, owner of Tula Mexican restaurant in Fayetteville, Arkansas, combines his Chicago roots and Guerrero, Mexico heritage to create a unique dining experience. A University of Arkansas alumnus with a background in architecture, Juan blends traditional Mexican cuisine with innovative design. In the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast, host Randy Wilburn explores Juan’s journey from architecture to the culinary world, highlighting his dedication to cultural authenticity, community engagement, and perseverance through challenges like the global pandemic. Tula stands out by delivering traditional recipes with contemporary flair, making it a beloved community landmark.

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Episode 272: Architect Daniel Parolek Discusses the Importance of Missing Middle Housing

In this episode of I am Northwest Arkansas, host Randy Wilburn explores the housing crisis and smarter development practices with Daniel Parolek, an expert on Missing Middle Housing. Daniel shares his insights on housing diversity, affordability, and the importance of well-planned urban development. He emphasizes the need for communities to be inclusive and accessible, advocating for proactive local efforts in crafting a sustainable Northwest Arkansas.

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