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I am Northwest Arkansas Posts

Transforming Lives: Carol Silva Moralez and Upskill NWA’s Mission to Provide Access to Healthcare Jobs here in Northwest Arkansas

About the Show:   “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him…

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Confessions of an Entrepreneur in Northwest Arkansas with University of Arkansas Professor Mark Zweig

About the Show:   Are you an entrepreneur looking to start, build, and run a business? Are you sick of hearing generic advice and tips…

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The Genesis of Neil Greenhaw’s Haxton Road Studios: From Small Town Arkansas to Worldwide Collaborator

About the Show:   Newly married Neil Greenhaw embarks on an inspiring journey from small-town Arkansas to the global stage, only to return home to…

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Chris Thompson found Northwest Arkansas Fertile ground to develop his App Sober Sidekick

When Chris Thompson hit rock bottom on Thanksgiving Day 2018, he realized that alcohol was his only solution and that his best thinking had gotten him there. Faced with the challenge of overcoming his ego, Chris took a leap of faith and launched a sobriety support app to help others, transforming his suffering and shame into purpose.

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