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Episode 153: Northwest Arkansas is Sweet on Markham & Fitz Chocolate

About this Episode: 

We sat down with Lauren Blanco, the Co-Founder, and CEO of Markham and Fitz Chocolate in Bentonville.  Lauren shared her origin story and how she found success with making Chocolate. 

  • Hear how time spent in war-torn parts of West Africa introduced her to the Cocoa Bean.  
  • Learn how they developed the Markham & Fitz name – hint, they wanted a solid trademark.
  • Discover how Lauren’s mom’s baking skills influenced her.  
  • Learn why Dark Chocolate is good for you and why Markham & Fitz uses organic ingredients simply to make their chocolate stand out in the crowded candy bar market. The higher the percentage of chocolate in a bar, the less sugar is involved.  
  • According to Lauren, the health benefits of chocolate started in bars with 70 percent or more chocolate.  

You can visit their Dessert Bar and Cafe at the 8th St. Market in Bentonville to sample their goodies.  You can also order their chocolate bars and confections online for delivery on their website –

And, if that is not enough on Friday afternoons, you can stop by the shop and try out new chocolate offerings before they release them to the public.

In addition to ordering the chocolate bars online and at the 8th St. Market, you can also find Markham & Fitz Chocolate Bars at Ozark Natural FoodsWhole Foods, and Snack Labs.

All this and more on this “SWEET” episode of I am Northwest Arkansas.

Important Links and Mentions on the Show*

Email Connect with Lauren Blanco

Website for Markham & Fitz

Markham & Fitz on Instagram

Markham & Fitz on Facebook

The video we did for Markham & Fitz

Website for Onyx Coffee Lab

Mention the Discount Code: IAMNWA10 for 10 Percent off your Chocolate purchase online at Markham & Fitz.

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