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Episode 56: Exploring Northwest Arkansas with and Danny Collins

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It's time for another episode of I am Northwest Arkansas, the podcast covering the intersection of business, culture, entrepreneurship and life in general here in the Ozarks. Whether you are considering a move to this area, or trying to learn more about the place you call home, we've got something special for you. Here's our host, Randy Wilburn.

Randy Wilburn 0:42

Hey folks, and welcome to another episode of I am Northwest Arkansas. I'm your host Randy Wilburn. And I'm excited to be with you today. I am really excited because I've got Daniel Collins here from 37 North Expedition. One of the goals that we had here on the podcast was to obviously talk about all the things facets of Northwest Arkansas, including the outdoor activities, and I ran across them, I was actually referred to them by somebody else. And I was kind of blown away by their website and all the cool stuff that they were doing. And I said, You know, I need to connect with this guy and I reached out and a couple of emails back and forth and we agreed to just sit down and today's that day. So Daniel, without further ado, how are you doing today?

Daniel Collins 1:22

I'm doing great. It's a perfect December morning, huh? It is great weather. Yeah!

Randy Wilburn 1:28

There's no snow on the ground. As I was telling you, and you've lived up in the Northeast, you can appreciate this that, you know, I was talking to some family up in Boston, and they had enough snow to cancel school yesterday. But I'm like, that's just

Daniel Collins 1:41

A Snow Day is a good day. But other than that, it just gets a little bit annoying.

Randy Wilburn 1:45

It is absolutely without a doubt. But yeah, so I wanted to talk a little bit more about 37North and the stuff that you guys are doing you seem to have been able to take an outdoor experience and elevate it to a whole another level and I'd love for you just to kind of share a little bit about your background and backstory before we get into 37North and all the things that you guys are doing both in Southwest Missouri, as well as down here in Northwest Arkansas.

Daniel Collins 2:09

Yeah, you really nailed it on the head when you said experience. It's a lot more. And I like that when it comes off that it's experience is not just guided tours, right. So and we'll talk more about that. But yeah, my background is I grew up here in the Ozarks, I little tiny town of 900 people just across the border and Missouri actually is where I grew up. And then I ended up going to University at Drury University where I got my MBA as well as my Masters in Architecture. I know it does sounds like completely unrelated, but there's a lot more similarities and overlaps than you might think. And then after graduation, I moved to New York City, okay, we talked about I was there for four years corporate architecture, but that's where it all started because I was actually guiding on the side I started guiding for a company to people Upstate New York, and then larger things like overnights in the Whites (White Mountains) and I even got to do some stuff in Kilimanjaro in Africa, those kind of experiences, so fell in love with that world got an amazing opportunity and tried to say this really fast but no, it's fine. Tried got an amazing opportunity to actually move down to South America.Yeah, Ecuador. And I worked as the expedition manager at a National Geographic Unique Lodge of the World. And really, you know, it was an amazing experience because before the age of 30, I got the opportunity to both work as a guide and so see it from the actual you know, the core of a company that's, that's like ours, and then also the experience of a management position where I was at at National Geographic Lodge I was, 50% of my time I'd say management of guides and kind of the face of the experiences there. And then 50% was really what we were trying to do is diversify our options to get a new clientele the people that are traveling for different reasons and and broaden our horizons from just the you know, very scientific cliche that this particular resort had and was doing really good at but so fast forward a couple years to here. I moved back to the Ozarks In 2017, actually when my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, so it was not a great reason to move back. But I started to see this area in a different way. And like you said, you know, when you're in college in high school and stuff, you don't really go do the same types of experiences. And when I started to see the amazing amount of opportunities, we had to get outside and like, well, how can I share that it's my experiences, to try to get more people outside and get more people really the ultimate goals, more people fall in love with the outdoors, they're going to become more advocates for it. So that's really the core of 37 North and my story and how it came to be where I am today.

Randy Wilburn 4:36

Man, I have so many questions for you. I love part of your mission is "get sweaty, get connected, get happy!" Yeah. And so let's I want to just roll back just a little bit because National Geographic growing up was one of my favorite magazines. Yeah. And it was an experiential magazine, right. I mean, you'd let me do some iconic photography and photographs that have been featured in National Geographic, and I just I can only imagine that your experience there really helps you to get 37North off the ground.

Daniel Collins 5:06

Yeah. And really I mean, just like you said, and we talked about it already, it is an experience company and what I love to do and what I think we're trying to create is is curate these extremely unique opportunities to get outside that are combinations of both outdoor activities but social experiences and so you know, a byproduct of that is hopefully meet a new best friend that's liking to do exactly what you were liking to do. Right and that's it I mean, the social component behind this is is a factor in every single trip we put on our website. Yeah!

Randy Wilburn 5:35

So you're almost building community behind each of these so like I know you have a trip coming up. It's a Alum Cove. Hike and winery and for those that don't know Alum Cove is like right up at the top of the Ozark forests right and the park there and it's it's got a Natural Bridge and

Daniel Collins 5:54

Yeah, it's kind of hidden wonders. And I honestly it's crazy to say that less than that. Two mile hike and it has some that has just about everything you can think of that you think of when you think of the Ozarks, right, so a Natural Bridge, amazing streams that run through it these incredible cave systems that you pop your head in and out. And I mean, it's a two mile hike. It's incredible. So but yeah, just like you said is we don't go just do a hike, right? We're going to do a hike and then a social activity, we kind of say we always do some sort of combination trips. Yeah. And one of those are heavily focused on the outdoors. The other one is usually a little bit more socially engaged, whether that's a brewery or a winery tour or a farm to table dinner or a, you know, fly fishing or another outdoor activity, it's a little bit more leisure and more social, right? So million different ways of opportunities of combining these into really fun, unique experiences you might not be able to do on your own, you very well can do on your own, but you know, doing it with a group of other people that are loving it, enjoying it and having us drive yourself. There's a million different reasons why that's happening also.

Randy Wilburn 6:55


Daniel Collins 6:56


Randy Wilburn 6:56

Absolutely. So now when you do these events to You get a nice mix of people that are from the area as well as those that are just visiting?

Daniel Collins 7:04

Yeah, I mean especially there's there's no way we can hide the fact that Northwest Arkansas is just booming with both tourists and I mean, you know, I think a lot of people would agree it's the biking that brings a lot of people but with them are friends and family that come that might not want to bike every single moment of their time here, right. And then second, an incredible amount of people that are new to the area as in located relocated, either permanently or on a on a semi permanent basis. Right. And so those are the opportunities and those are the people that we love to get on our trips that are looking for those other people looking to learn about the Ozarks and to find out these places and have a confidence go do it on their own, and then meet other people that they want to do it with. So yeah, and and to speak on another behalf. We have 20 year olds, we have 60 and 70 year olds, we have groups of three or four friends, couples and an amazing amount of individual travelers that are you know, I like to say they're traveling solo but not alone, right? So they're coming out either because they're not confident doing it on their own, or they just want to meet other people and they don't have somebody to do it with anymore. So that's those are the special ones for us. And those are the people that we we see coming back because of I always say you come for the outdoors. You come back for the social experiences that you have on a trip with us

Randy Wilburn 8:22

Now, is there you guys kind of coordinate or curate a Facebook group that's part of that or for people to stay connected? or How do you do? Are you able to generate repeat customers from people that come to one event and decide you know, I like what Daniels doing and his team. I want to be a part of this on a regular basis. Yeah,

Daniel Collins 8:41

Absolutely. I would say the majority of people find us on Facebook. And we do create a little bit of a community there and definitely share pictures together and you get an amazing amount of people that share their information afterwards and we show them up. We see them show up on another trip in the future together or hear the stories that they wouldn't did it on their own. You know which is great to us, we're not trying to say just come on trips with us. But we want more people to get outside on a regular basis. We also have a membership program, which is very, very popular. And the membership is essentially get your first trip free and then you get a percentage off of every single trip the rest of the year. And so for us, that's not only, you know, creating social experiences, but it's also kind of dedicating yourself to you know, our trips are healthy, not just like going to the gym. Right right. Well, there's a there's a mind and body and spirit component to this healthiness in a world today that we're just tied to our phones are tied to an urban environment, getting outside and doing that on a regular basis is incredibly important to us. So the membership fills that role a lot.

Randy Wilburn 9:41

Yeah, well, there's something to be said. I mean, you know, getting outside and getting into into nature allows us to disconnect a little bit from the busyness of life. And so I think what you guys are offering is a great escape for people to kind of, you know, get with themselves and get with their thoughts and, you know, be among nature and that's what One of the things that I since I've been here and as I was telling you before we started the podcast, that's the reason why I did this because I just didn't know enough about this area and how much is right here. And I'd love for you just to kind of talk about because you've been in other places, Ecuador, you talked about the White Mountains and other places. Kilimanjaro, which is that in and of itself is kind of like a bucket list. Trek, if you will, and it's one of the few mountains that you can actually hike up. Right. And so I because actually one of my neighbors is in the process. She was training. She looked like Bane. She had this mask on and she was, you know, trying they they had her carry a 30 pound sack just to get ready for how things go as you go up the elevation and climb Kilimanjaro. Yeah, which I'm sure you experienced. But talk a little bit about just the natural wonder that is the Ozarks here because I don't think people I think that people don't sometimes realize what's right in their own backyard.

Daniel Collins 10:51

I agree. And I was a culprit of this. I mean, I like to say I grew up with the same mentality of a lot of people. Oh no, I'm going to go to Colorado. Two or three times a year, and that's going to suffice as my adventurous, my adventurous personality and my needs to get outside. Right, right. And I I like to say our biggest asset, well beyond the seasons, I mean, having the seasons is incredible. It's not a hindrance. It's an asset to us that different experiences come at different seasons. But beyond that, it is a vast, vast area of land with all sorts of different things, especially the river systems, that it doesn't have that one iconic spot, right. And I think that's one of the coolest things is you think of the Grand Canyon, you think some of our national parks, they're flustered with people all the time, right? There's just so many people going to the gotta go if you go to the Grand Canyon, you got one specific thing you're going to do if you go to Yosemite, you're going to go do that one thing, right? And so the Ozarks is in it's growing every day. I mean, my gosh, we're building six miles of trail for biking and hiking daily or weekly around here. So I think that's the one of the greatest things is that it just expands all the way from Northeast Arkansas to Southwest to Southeast Missouri, to down to this area go down to Petit Jean and that kind of area. I mean, it's expansive from you go four or five hours in any direction and have a different unique experience. And that vastness is the thing that I think is just the most incredible for the opportunities to see something different every weekend that blows your mind. Right. So.

Randy Wilburn 12:19

Yeah, one of my neighbors went on a recently went just on a hike over to is it Hawksbill Crag? Yeah, yeah. And you know, that's where they take those really great pictures with that rock kind of juts out there. And I guess they say the best time to be there is early in the morning. That just just the look of that. I was like, man, I gotta get up there. And I know it's not terribly far from here, but it's just

Daniel Collins 12:41

Yeah, I mean, you definitely have to admit that the core and what when you think of the iconic core of the Ozarks, it's probably the the Buffalo National River and all that area right there. But there's a million different things in that Ozark National Forest that there's not a reason to go back to the same thing twice right here for a long period of time. So, Yeah, it's I mean, from great VISTAs to the insane amount of river systems that we have here to the caverns or just something. I mean, the amount of cave systems that we have and you could just pop your head in on some random hikes. They don't even have to be this. You don't have to go to one of the drive thru tours of the cavern systems, right? It's I mean, so it's just a diverse opportunity, the paddling the summer and stand up paddleboarding, taking on a new life. In the winter, we do lots of tours where we're doing Eagle watching tours, or there's a couple lakes down south that get great populations of some swans that are so I mean, it is it like I said, I think the seasons are one of the greatest assets as well. It's pretty incredible to be able to do different things all year round.

Randy Wilburn 13:46

Yeah. Now when if I'm taking a tour with you guys, do I have time to take pictures and all that other stuff to really take it in? Or is it like we're walking or walking? We're walking and yeah, there's no you know, time for stopping and reflection.

Daniel Collins 13:57

Yeah, no, I would say that. So The core, you know, the core of our company is that we have trips every single weekend. And there'll be a different trip every single weekend as the core of the company and that's you can buy one ticket, you can buy for small group if you want, right. And those are really the majority of those will be for your beginner type of base. It's that idea. We're not trying to create new some sort of world record. We're trying to just get people outside and enjoy a day with fresh air, right. So that absolutely the majority of those trips, every single one of them have a difficult degree of difficulty level we call the 37th formula that "get sweaty, get connected, get happy," you're talking about right. But beyond that we have private trips. I mean, we've taken private trips, anything from a corporate to the office, which is really growing. I mean, what a better way. So much better than just regular happy hour, right? to gosh we've had bachelorette parties, we've had youth groups such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and just groups of friends are different groups in the area that want to take a specific private trip with us. And then we have a few that you'll see tinkered in there that are a little bit more advanced that have those degree of difficulties in that six and seven are longer hikes or their overnight backpacking or there. So we're trying to create a diverse range that anybody and everybody gets what they want out of the day outside.

Randy Wilburn 15:15

Yeah, and I love it. I'm going to put some of these links to some of these trips in the show notes. And people can certainly certainly check out Daniel's company at but like, for instance, with the Alum Cove, it's an I probably butchered that name again, but anyways, good. That's it. Yeah. So they have they have a number system so that you understand, you know, how how intense it is. So under get sweaty, it's a four which is not bad, right? I mean, I can probably go and I don't have to throw deodorant on afterwards. They have a get connected, which is an eight. So it probably means that there's going to be a lot of interaction and a lot of opportunity for you to really connect with a lot of people

Daniel Collins 15:55

On the hike and at the winery.

Randy Wilburn 15:56

Right, exactly. They can't forget the winery piece and then get happy as a 10 I would imagine all of them are going to be at 10. As far as.... never putting

Daniel Collins 16:02

We've never put a 9 up there. If we put a nine up there then we are doing something wrong.

Randy Wilburn 16:05

Right. Right. So no, I love that. So you certainly you pay a lot of attention to detail what you have to do. Because I mean, you want to make sure that people are safe and that they have a quality experience when they go out. I like the idea about the corporate trips, because those are things that actually can be done during the week, whereas most of your your other events are on the weekend. So if somebody orders a special trip with you, they can almost do it for the most part whenever they want to?

Daniel Collins 16:34

Oh,Yeah, yeah, exactly. And let's just not hide the fact that hiking on a Monday through Friday is better than I can on a weekend any day for lots of reasons. So yeah, and the pricing is usually even better than what you see on the website simply because we're pricing that based on a group not an individual tickets and so any businessman would understand why it's easier to do that financially than the alternative. So yeah, we have As a growing industry that I think we've just barely skim the surface, it's an incredible. Pick you up literally at your door at your office, drop you back off there, or any place you want, and handle literally all the planning and the transportation. I don't know if we really hit on that, but all of our trips include transportation to and from our regular trips lead from Bike Rack there in Bentonville. Okay. And so yeah, and we literally curate that experience exactly what you're wanting out of it if you want just a hike, If you want a hike and winery or a brewery stop. Or if you want some time to have an outdoor meeting or a team powwow, we'll get out of the way and we'll find me What a better way to do that around nature. Or some picnic tables out in the middle of nowhere the middle of a hike versus in the office. So anything you want to that day will curate it exactly how you want it. And it's a special insight. I think it's a way better form of of bonding for you and your team versus alternative opportunities. Yeah,

Randy Wilburn 17:58

Listen, I think that inspiration comes in nature is probably more pronounced than in any other situation.

Daniel Collins 18:07

I yeah, I couldn't agree more. I mean, there's just something about breaking from the norm and not even just the inspiration behind it. It's the idea that you, you know, you bond with your team in a different way. And that would... that creates a sense of efficiency for the rest of the teams working together that week or that month or the duration of the project. They're on. Yeah,

Randy Wilburn 18:26

Yeah. Well, I as as you're talking, I'm sitting here thinking about like Thoreau and Walden Pond and just the experiences of being outdoors. There's something about that, that shapes an individual. And so you guys are actually doing a little bit more than just taking people on adventures. It's almost an adventure in identity too.

Daniel Collins 18:44

Yeah, I would say that one of my go to if you've talked to me or you do talk to me, I'll probably hear me say it's more than a day outside. It's a lot more than a day outside. And what we're trying to create is insanely simple and convenient opportunities for people to just get some fresh air in a hectic world. And, we're taking, we're doing all the transportation and we're doing the planning too, and that for a lot of people, I mean, it's kind of weird for me to think because I love the planning component, but it feels like an extension of your Monday through Friday, if you're sitting there planning a trip, right and have to worry about finding the trailhead, or you might not venture out and find new places. If you're doing that, versus you might just go back to the regular place or just hit the Razorback Greenway. The Razorback Greenway is perfect for the average right and for the opportunity to get out on a very regular basis. We're hoping you...that's were our trips are trying to be that person that does that on a very regular basis. And every once in a while, wants something just a little bit more. Yeah, once a month, once every other month, do something just a little bit more. Right.

Randy Wilburn 19:40

Well, I live just south of Lake Fayetteville, and I sometimes forget even just walking that little trail system that's there at like Fayetteville, which is part of the Greenway. It is so relaxing. And it's it's just a challenge because there's different elevation changes and things of that nature that you get to experience. I think sometimes we forget that it's right there. Yeah, I mean we don't have to go to the Ozarks to do that.

Daniel Collins 20:02

Yeah. Oh, gosh. I mean, yeah, there's amazing amount of opportunities for us to just walk out our back door and be outside and be connected with nature and disconnect from a lot of the normalcy of of a daily life today.

Randy Wilburn 20:15

Absolutely. Well, I'm sure you're excited about what this represents for this area. And I mean, you know, there may be other companies out there that do a lot of what you do, how are you developing your team? And clearly, there's a lot of people that I've run into that enjoy going out and hiking, and I'm sure there's no end in sight of people that are willing to help you out. But how do you develop your team? And are they mostly like professional outdoor people? Or what do you do?

Daniel Collins 20:41

Yeah, no, right. And that's, that's the coolest thing about is the way that we've developed, we have set up about 10 guides that work for us anything from every weekend to once every other month, whenever they want. And that allows us to create air to get people on board that are doing it for the right reasons. They're passionate. it there. I mean, there's a couple couple that are best guides that have zero background in anything of guiding related services, right? They care about people, they like sharing experiences, they love the outdoors and love getting more people outdoors. And that's your number one thing if you're going to be on a guided trip with us like we are, we are advocates for the outdoors. We're advocates to help socialization experiences way before we are anything else. And that's what I think our unique aspect to this is you're not going to go on a trip and like nothing against like a standard going on a guided trip at a state park or something like that. But that is just not what we're after at the community and the social experiences. And so a lot of our guides are come from just very different diverse backgrounds that are unrelated to what they're doing. But they're perfect at the job because they they're in it for the right reasons. And they're passionate about sharing the outdoors with other people and putting everybody first I mean, my concept of a guide is every single person on a trip is there for a reason, you're going to quickly try to figure that out. And usually we try to figure that out on the car ride there. That's why the car ride is fun. It's not a hindrance. Again, it's an asset. We'd like to say, trip starts when you get in the car, not when you get to the trailhead, and you find that out and you help help them achieve that throughout the day. Right. So there's a lot more to our guides than just being there in case something bad.

Randy Wilburn 22:22

Right. Right. And they are prepared for that too. There's a level of safety involved.

Daniel Collins 22:29

Yes, they're all...I'll just say that they're all wilderness first aid at minimum and leave no trace certified that's kind of our mandatory, some of them like myself or wilderness first responders. And so that's another great thing that we're adding to the community is we got 10 more people walking around here that probably would have no reason to get educated in anything outdoors and so yeah, it's that's a byproduct I never thought of when starting this but that I'm very proud of and happy to see. And that's awesome.

Randy Wilburn 22:56

Well, listen, before we close, what would your message be to people They're thinking about moving to Northwest Arkansas. Or maybe if you talked to me five years ago, before I moved here, what would you have wanted to share with me about this area about how special it is? And don't you know, a lot of times people, and I always joke about this on the podcast, when I tell my friends, I live in Arkansas, they're like "Arkansas!", and I'm like, Listen, don't knock it until you've tried it, you know, but I'd be curious to know what your your response would be to somebody thinking about relocating here. Maybe they've gotten an offer from Tyson or JB Hunt, or Walmart, or one of those small companies that are right up the road, or, you know, but they're thinking about coming here.

Daniel Collins 23:36

Yeah, I mean, I think that I think that the easiest way to put it is you get the best of both worlds here. And there's not many places I've lived in New York City. I've lived in South America. There's not many other places where you really get that combination of, A) insanely high quality of life, work life balance, but yet you still have the urban amenities and a lot of ways that you would in a bigger city and there's not a community that I've ever experienced in my life that's more pedestrian oriented and, you know, resident oriented, right? I mean, the things that are happening in Bentonville and Fayetteville and soon to be Springdale and Bella Vista area, it's just incredible. It's unprecedented that and they are all focused about creating an amazing environment for us, right. I mean, there's there's no other way to put it. So pedestrian friendly, bike friendly, having all the amenities you have anywhere else, and you still get that amazing work life balance. Yeah, it's a special place. And like we were talking before the podcast, it's only getting better. I mean, it says continuing in the next 5 to 10 years are really, really going to look fun.

Randy Wilburn 24:42

Yeah, I would venture to say, and I'm not a prophet, but I would say you're going to be a busy man with this moving forward, which is exciting and actually had some ideas and I may want to talk with you offline about maybe doing some leadership training, coupled with a trip because I think there's some real value for small companies that really want to get the most out of their people, getting them outside of the four walls of their company and getting them off onto our hike and really developing

Daniel Collins 25:09

We have just skimmed the surface of the opportunity of what we can do parent things in the outdoors and starting to get into other you know, from youth to wellness to diverse opportunities to corporate type outings I mean it's a we're excited about where we're headed. We're excited about diversifying our I like to say our Chipotle menu to even more options.

Randy Wilburn 25:29

I love that. Yeah. Well, it's certainly for older people that have the memories of Rambo and Deliverance. I mean, it doesn't have to be that type of experience. I mean, you can go outdoors and really have an amazing time.

Daniel Collins 25:44

Absolutely. Yeah. And then and then just make it part of your life. That's what we're really trying to do is get more people to make it more a part of their daily routine, and healthy mind, body and spirit. It's a lot more than just the sweat and the calorie burning. It's about disconnecting and doing it with other people. We're social beings and we love being outside with others.

Randy Wilburn 26:03

Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, great, Daniel, I can't thank you enough for joining us on this episode of the podcast and giving us a glimpse into all the great things on the outside that Northwest Arkansas has to offer. And I know it's only going to continue. So we're going to definitely make it a point to stay in touch with you and learn about new things that you're offering and new things that you're doing so that we can share it with our listening audience and they can take advantage of it if anybody wants to or needs to reach you. What's the best way for them to do that?

Daniel Collins 26:30

Yeah, we have. Our website, as you said is amazing. And we put it a lot of attention into detail on our website, We have an amazing presence on Facebook as well again, 37 North Expeditions, and you'll see all of our trips on website and Facebook. And if you get in contact via email, Facebook message, a phone call, you will get me so you were still a very small business tiny, tiny small business and I would love for anybody to call email with any questions because we want to make sure everybody knows exactly what they're getting yourself into and nothing but excitement for it right?

Randy Wilburn 27:07

So yeah and I love that and because it's also the holiday season and as I was looking at your site, you know if anybody's looking to maybe you know what's a better gift to give than to give somebody the gift of the outdoors, and you even offer special gift packages for people that want to purchase a, you know, an outing for somebody so you want to get your parents out so they can go on a nice hike, not to hurt them just to make sure that they have a good time or you want to just go out as a family or you want to take care of another family and buy an adventure for them. They can do that through

Daniel Collins 27:38

Yeah, we got great gift cards and great deals on them during the holidays. It's it's a really special unique thing. Whether it's a stocking stuffer or a real gift. It's a very unique experience instead of just giving goods give experiences and and we got lots of seasonal really fun trips. I mean hiking Christmas lights are hiking, ice skating, these different fun, unique family experiences that are an alternative to The standard things you might do on the holiday season, you know, take a break from shopping and let's get outside together.

Randy Wilburn 28:05

Absolutely. I love that. I love that. Well, Daniel Collins, thank you so much for coming on this episode of I am Northwest Arkansas, we appreciate you we appreciate what you're doing with 37 North Expeditions and we wish you a lot of luck and success and we will be keeping an eye out for all the things that you're doing and as you do new things will certainly share it with our audience so that they are aware of all the good things that are happening in the outside of Northwest Arkansas.

Daniel Collins 28:30

Yeah, thank you for having me. And thanks for doing this too. This is an amazing platform to get the word out about companies like ours and yeah, so thanks for what you're doing and exciting, exciting for you, exciting for us, exciting for Northwest Arkansas.

Randy Wilburn 28:42

Yeah, absolutely. Well, hopefully if you like the podcast, maybe you post it on your on your website. So you can hear and get a little bit of a closer understanding of all that you do, but we appreciate it and thanks again, folks. There you have it. Another episode of I am Northwest Arkansas. It was so great to get with Daniel and learn a little bit more about his Company. There are so many great companies here. They're just so many great people here in general. And Daniel epitomizes what Northwest Arkansas is all about. So I'm very thankful for him and for his team and everything that they're doing there at and certainly check them out. And if you do check them out, let them know that you heard about them here on the podcast, and maybe they'll do something special for you. Who knows. But regardless, just tell them that you heard about it on I am Northwest Arkansas, and we'll go from there. I appreciate you guys, all of my regular listeners, I thank you so much as as we are in the holiday season. And we're we're giving thanks. I did a whole episode on that. But I can't tell you how much I appreciate each and every one of you continue sharing the podcast, continue listening and continue sharing your ideas about new episodes and people that you'd love to hear on this podcast. I'm down and game to talk to anyone as a matter of fact, as soon as I leave this particular podcast recording session, I'm going to another one. And I'm only going to tease this here really quickly but in an upcoming episode of I am Northwest Arkansas, we're going to sit down with the Native American Museum folks up in Bentonville, which if you haven't been to that Museum, it is outstanding. So I really want to encourage you to check it out. You'd be surprised what's right under your nose, right here in Northwest Arkansas, we're going to try to bring it to you one episode at a time. Remember, you can always get this podcast anywhere that great podcast can be found, especially Apple podcast. And we would really appreciate rating the podcast and giving us a review. We'd love five stars. But you know, if you don't really like it, or if there's some issues with the podcasts that you have, let us know we want to continue to improve. And we can only get better through your help and feedback. So we certainly appreciate it and welcome that. I'm your host Randy Wilburn. And I will see you guys next week. Remember, we come out every Monday at 12 noon. That's all for now. Have a great week.

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Danny Collins is the founder of 37 North Expeditions and a world traveler and leader of expeditions on multiple continents.  He has spent time in South America, Africa, and right here in the United States to list just a few of the places that he has explored.  

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