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Episode 234: Building a Thriving Healthcare Ecosystem: Collaborative Efforts in Northwest Arkansas with Ryan Cork and Walter Harris

About the Show:

“Just be patient. It’s coming. We are building that field of dreams that we’ve been talking about when it comes to healthcare, and it’s coming slowly but surely.”

 – Ryan Cork

Get ready for an enlightening episode as we collaborate with the Northwest Arkansas Council to bring you face-to-face with healthcare game-changers Ryan Cork and Walter Harris. We dive into the innovative ways Northwest Arkansas is revolutionizing healthcare.

Unpacking Healthcare Innovation with Ryan Cork  

Get the inside scoop on healthcare in Northwest Arkansas from Ryan Cork, Vice President of Healthcare & Education at the Northwest Arkansas Council. Learn how they’re tackling the critical issues of talent retention and stakeholder engagement to build a thriving healthcare community.

Wellness as an Art: A Chat with Walter Harris

Walter Harris, CEO of the Art and Wellness Enterprise, sheds light on the trifecta of arts, policy, and healthcare. Find out how Bentonville is becoming a canvas for healthcare transformation, nurtured by collaborations and visionary ambitions.

Stakeholder Synergy: The Heart of Transformation 

Experience the ripple effect that occurs when stakeholders, policy experts, and healthcare leaders come together. Harris and Cork reveal grassroots strategies—like enlisting community healthcare workers and military veterans—that are turning Northwest Arkansas into a healthcare epicenter.

Holding Onto Talent: Policies that Work

Ever wondered what Northwest Arkansas’ secret to keeping healthcare talent is? Cork delves into tactical policy changes, including the expansion of Graduate Medical Education slots, that are helping the region hang onto its skilled professionals. 

A New Vision for Healthcare in Northwest Arkansas 

Northwest Arkansas is more than just a scenic treasure; it’s a catalyst for healthcare innovation. Learn how Cork and Harris are advocating for a healthcare curriculum makeover, placing self-care as a cornerstone to prevent burnout and elevate healthcare standards.

Final Takeaway: Collective Power, Collective Impact 

As we wrap up, we emphasize the transformative power of collaboration. This episode is more than just a conversation; it’s a call to action for sustainable, impactful changes in healthcare.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Gain insight into unique partnerships addressing local healthcare challenges.
  • Understand the innovative integration of arts and therapy in healthcare, specific to Northwest Arkansas.
  • Discover the emphasized importance of self-care and compassion within the medical education sphere.
  • Uncover efforts to increase diversity and promote equal representation in the medical field.

All this and more on this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast. 

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