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Episode 160: Brian Squire is Living On Two Wheels in Northwest Arkansas

About This Episode:

On this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast, we sit down with Brian Squire, who recently relocated to Fayetteville with his wife, Dena. Brian and Dena are both avid cyclists, and they are managing to make it here in Northwest Arkansas without a car.  

Yes, they get around on two wheels, and they are having a ton of fun doing it.  Brian is not a stranger to commuting on a Bicycle as he did it for almost 30 years while living and working in Cleveland, Ohio.  

Cleveland, where it snows!  

Brian is a brave soul, but he said the transition to just relying on his bike for transportation was an easy one here in Northwest Arkansas. The extensive trail system between Fayetteville and Bella Vista has served as an incredible backdrop as he learns his way around the area.  

If nothing else, Brian hopes to convince some of our podcast listeners that the bike culture in NWA is strong enough to support someone who is bicycle dependent.  He’s got some great stories to share, and we hope you find some inspiration while listening.  

Who knows, you may run into Brian and me on the trail one day!

All this and more on this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas Podcast. 

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Website for Bike NWA

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