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Episode 121: Wes Craiglow and the Urban Land Institute Are Helping to Plan the Future of Northwest Arkansas

About the Show:                          

We recently sat down with Wes Craiglow from the Urban Land Institute (ULI NWA). Wes is leading ULI’s effort to help Northwest Arkansas grow smart and not just big for the sake of being big. According to Wes, Northwest Arkansas is one of the fastest-growing metro areas under one million people in the United States.  

ULI is a nonprofit created in 1936 to help communities transform for the most significant impact possible. The organization comprises Real Estate Developers, Lenders, Planners, Design Professionals, Title professionals, and community stakeholders. They focus on municipal planning, real estate planning, and economic, Social, and Health planning to ensure that an area grows with a measured and calculated approach. 

According to Wes, even though we may have some housing issues due to the hot real estate market when this episode came out, we are far from using up all of the real estate space available in both Washington and Benton Counties. 

With leaders like Wes Craiglow here in Northwest Arkansas, we should be in good hands as we continue to witness an explosion of growth here in the Ozarks. Please reach out to Wes with any suggestions or ideas about the place you call home. He is more than happy to connect with you and share your opinions with a larger audience. 

Wow! I can’t believe we will be almost a Million people by 2050. 

All this and more on this I am Northwest Arkansas episode.

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ULI Northwest Arkansas

PO Box 11232, Fayetteville, AR 72703

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