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Episode 139: Daymara is a Baker with Purpose

About this Episode: 

We recently sat down with Daymara Baker of Rockin Baker to learn more about her transition from Corporate America to starting an Artisan Bakery in Fayetteville.   Daymara decided that she wouldn’t play around, and she attended the San Francisco Baking Institute to learn how to bake artisan bread.  And, if that wasn’t enough, Daymara apprenticed in a Cincinnati bakery to learn what it was like to work in and run a commercial bakery. Her passion and desire to be successful ran so deep that even the person running the Baking Institute in SF took her under his wing to help guide her as she got Rockin Baker off the ground. 

In addition to many experts in the baking field, Daymara connected with local entrepreneurs Hannah Withers and her husband Ben Gitchel, former owners of the Little Bread Company and current owners of Leverett Lounge and Maxine’s Tap Room, to get some advice for starting Rockin Baker based on her dream to create a positive work environment and create an opportunity for young people to work in the bakery and learn how to move forward in their careers and in life.  

Daymara is on to something and has figured out a way to make great bread and build a Social Enterprise in the process.  The sourdough bread and the Jalapeño Bread are worth the price of admission. They even have a Bread Club at Rockin Baker, where you can order a couple of fresh loaves every week.       

Please consider visiting Daymara and her team and tell them that the good folks at I am Northwest Arkansas sent you!

All this and more on this episode of I am Northwest Arkansas.

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